Addingham Band of Hope Abstainers Roll 1927-1935

The Band of Hope was started in Leeds.  Its purpose was to discourage, particularly the young, from alcohol. 

Anne Townson Lumb Ghyll
Mary Whitham Main Street
Murial Steel Southfield Villas
Lilian Cockcroft Southfield Villas
Mabel Steel Turner Lane
Mary Smith Southfield Villas
Rosa Bradley 18 Church Street
K Fleming 96 Main St
M Richardson 3 The Green
N Richardson 3 The Green
J Townson Lumb Ghyll
K Foster Rhos Cottage Moor L
Norman  Mawer West Hall
Richd  Umpleby West Hall
Jack Wilde Southfield Villas
N Townson Lumb Ghyll
Harry H Stirk 69 Main Street
Clara Atack Main Street
Phyllis Townson Lumb Ghyll
Jack Whitaker 102 Main St
J L Adams 10 Cragg View
H Adams 10 Cragg View
Elsie Hatton 4 Bolton Rd
John Maidment Scar Farm
Mrs Mills Main Street
Miss Scott Main Street
Ella Overin Main Street
Bob Thackray West Hall
Olive Gill 91 Main St
James Mawer 15 Trafalgar Rd Ilkley
Ben Skaife Field House Darley
G Layfield Springfield
Jack Layfield West Hall
Tom Rishworth Layfield Farm Langbar
Lilian Wroe Springfield
Mr Lemmon Springfield

The register commences in 1927 and ends in 1935.  It appears all those who registered paid 1d per annum, though some do not appear to have a penny against their name every year.