Austwick Sunday School Logbook 1914-1921

Held at North Yorkshire Record Office at Northallerton
Catalogue Reference PR/AUS 15/1

Signed by Christabel Ingilby Superintendent

Teachers Advent 1914
Upper School
Primary class Miss BREGEWITZ
Middle class Miss WATKINS
Upper class (girls) Miss LAMB
(boys) Miss CLAPHAM
Supt. Miss INGILBY
Helpers Miss JG ELLISON
Miss Dorothy TOWERS

Advent Sunday
Upper School New scholar Maisie CABELL in the Upper Girl’s Class
The offertory for the 4 Sundays in Advent are to be devoted, at the children’s wish, to the Belgian Relief Fund.
Kindergarten New Scholars George Truelove and Arthur Harrison.
The offertory was to make up Christmas stockings for the children at Leeds Infirmary.

2nd Sunday in Advent
Kindergarten New Scholar John Jackson

3rd Sunday in Advent
Upper School
New scholar Mary Ann Hodgson in the upper class (girls)
2nd Sunday in Lent
Three new scholars were admitted – Richard, Joseph & John Smith.

Easter Day
Upper School
Mollie & Richard Dobson came as visiting scholars.

Low Sunday
Kindergarten New scholars – Grace & John Raeburn.
James Dryden’s (the first baby on the Baptimal Roll) birthday was celebrated.
Upper School
Mollie & Richard Dobson came again as visiting scholars.
Upper School
Instead of an offertory there was a collection of eggs for the wounded soldiers in Beckett Park Hospital in Leeds.

Whit Sunday
Kindergarten – Margaret Robinson, William Truelove & Harold Dryden have joined the Sunday Kindergarten.

Trinity Sunday
Upper School
George Lee left the school.

4th Sunday after Easter
The Kindergarten assembled with Upper school to give the eggs that had been collected for the Military Hospital at Beckett’s Park. 1021 eggs were handed in. Robert Fell kindly promised to take them to Clapham Station ofr the early train on Monday morning. Mrs Lawson – Feizor, Mrs Pettiford – Eldroth and a few other scholars gave small offerings amounting to 1/8d towards the carriage.

11th Sunday after Trinity
1Alice Clapham, Lucy & Robert Nowell entered as new scholars.
12th Sunday after Trinity
The district is divided amongst the scholars as follows:
Feizor & Crummock Maisie Cabell & C Kirkbright
Wharfe Annie, Amelia, Elsie & Nellie Towers
Wood End M A Hodgson
Southwaite Percy Harrison, R Fell, J Capstick, J Holmes,
Violet, George & Bobby Dryden
Eldroth Elsie, Roy & Norman Booth
Orcaber Lane John & David Booth
The Paut(?) Elsie Lee
The Traddock(?) Bobby Kitchen
Mrs Vince Isabel Allen
Hobbes Gate Grace Campbell
Town End Horace Pritchard
Town Head Paul Courthwaite, Harry Kitchen
Lawkland Willie Redmayne & Janet Bradley

17th Sunday after Trinity
Kindergarten Charles Booth admitted as a new scholar.

March 1919
Leaving presents were given to the following:
Roy Booth – Hans Christian Anderson Fairy Tales
John Booth – Prayer Book, Maisie Cabell – The Rosary
Charles KIrkbright – Prayer Book, Violet Dowell – Illustrated Bible
Percy Harrison – Prayer Book, James Bradley – The Doomed City
John Chapman
Grace Campbell

2nd January 1921
Eight prizes were given for good attendance:
Upper School
Margaret Robinson “Lion Hearts”, Connie Kirkbright “The Blue Geranium”
George Truelove “Rolf the Rebel”, Mary Campbell “The Mystery of Castle V–?
Infant School
Harold Dryden “Derek a Hero”, James Dryden “Moses”
Norah Straker “Elijah”, William Truelove “KIngo”
Church Attendance – A prayer book was given to Margaret Robinson and George Truelove.
Leaving Presents were given to:
Amelia Towers “Island of Rushes”, Nellie Newhouse “Kitty”,
Elsie Lee “Bessie”, Barton Fell “In Smugglers Grip”,
Joseph Robinson “A Kidnapped Prince”, David Booth – Prayer Book,
Thomas Fell – Prayer Book, Robert Dryden – Prayer Book,
After the leaving presents had been distributed a presentation was given to Miss Grace Lamb. It was a leather writing case with the following inscription:
“Grace Lamb – from the past and present scholars, Christmas 1920.”

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