Baildon Carnival Programme 1931


WHAT ABAHT WHAT?  Well yeh see it’s like this, it’s nobbut fair at we sud all dew wer whack fer t’hospitals.   If yeh nobbut think what wonderful places they are, an hah necessary they are, more ner ivver I theas days, an t’good as they dew, an hah if ye happen to be one o’ them at falls bi t’wayside, yeh can hev best ov attention an’ treatment, by best doctors an physicians an lewkt after by t’nearest approach tuv angels at I’ve ivver seen it sudn’t be necessary to ass, “What abaht it?”.  But it is cos thas soa monny things ter worry abaht, sich as bad trade etc., at weht apt ter ferget them ats sick an sufferin.

Have bin in a few o theas places, net fer treatment ahm pleased ta say, an they really are wonderful.  It ommos maks yeh wish summat wod appen yeh, nut serious mind yeh.

What abaht it if yeh tain wi a pain under yeh pinny an t’doctor lewks at yeh an sez summat abaht operation?

What abaht it if yeh try an stop a motor, an appen ta brek a leg ora arm?

What abaht it if ye happen tqa av an accident at wark ir onny eh yer bahns falls an lames thersen?

Wehre appen alreeet yet but wi nivver naw what mud appen.

Nah Baildon hez a varry gud repitashun for elpin disarvin carses.  Wi raised ower £4000 for comforts for t’lads when they were away feightin and I naw at money a time they gat a parcel jus when they wor feelin dahnhearted an it wer worth a lot more to them ner it cost us.   Wehve as nice a War memorial as ther is onnywhear.

Have eard fowk say at us Baildoners wor a varry clannish lot, bit its fair cappin hah keen they are to get here, even sum o Bradford’s big pots.  They naw whear there nice livin an low rates.  I say let em all come, we can mek use on em, an theyre allreyt when yeh get tan aw em. 

There’s tribes all ower.  Bubblin Well, Owd Bills, Ghyll Steppers, Abode ov luv, Early Stone an as money more as we can get.  Then thers two grand processions wi all t’Cahncillors an t’Aldermen.  Dancing, |Illuminations, sheep Dog Trials, Flahr Show at t’Bull.  All meks o games an sideshows.

What we want moast is good weather an ah think somehah that it’ll be allreyt as they’ve hed ivver so money meetins up at “Parliament Harse” an I unnerstand at Cahncillor Halliday’s ivverything in order, so wi can leave it at that, cos if they can’t sattle it, it can’t be settled that’s all.  They’re widening Tahn Git for us, an they tell me at wer bahn to hev a reyt boulevard.

Yeh naw at they were reyt unfortunate it Shipla wi their hospital doo, so let’s see if we can’t dew a bit extra ta mak up for it.  Nah if ye ats nobbut little gies as much as yer can.  Ye ats bit better off gies more and ye hats weel off just opens aht, nawin at whatever we dew it’s elpin sum sumbdy ats in a war hoil ner wersen, we sall come aht allreyt.

Nah Baildon – What abaht it?

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