Bentham Parochial School Logbook Extracts 1869 to 1871

Held at North Yorkshire Record Office at Northallerton

Catalogue Reference S?BNL (CE)


Page 1 Mr Battersby from 1869 to December 1872

            Page 121 John Preston January 1873 to 14th April 1873

            Page 125 George Hunter April 1873 to 8th October 1875

            Page 151 Benj. W Oddy October 1875 to 20th December 1877

            Page 178 James L Laycock January 1878 to 20th December 1878

            Page 191 Thomas Hardwick January 1879

                              Assisted by Mrs JF Hardwick

Page 353 Ann Helena Hardwick July 1888 see 358 12th January 1889

            Page 366 John Edmondson 1st July 1889       

            Page 389 David J Irving 16th February 1891


21st September Had to punish John Ireland for brutal conduct.

5th October Had to punish William Williams for perfect idleness.

28th October Had to punish BJ Carter for playing truant.

9th Novenber Numbers reduced in consequence of the outbreak of Scarletina.

10th November 3 fresh cases recorded this morning.

13 November Two more deaths have taken place making it four from amongst our scholars.

23rd November Attendance this morning reduced to 56 and there has been another death of a scholar.

1st December Had to punish WH Emmott for bad conduct.

9th December School was visited by a number of ladies including Mrs Teale.

27th December Whole families of children have been withdrawn through sickness and others through fear.


3rd January The fever has now assumed a milder form but many weeks must elapse before we can hope to get back our scholars.

3rd February Punished William Williams for fighting.

1st March The fever has almost disappeared but has left many of the children very weak and susceptible to catching colds.

18th March Moved WH Beaumont from 3rd class to 2nd class.

22nd March Had to punish WD Thompson for continuous untidiness.

6th April Several of the infants have fallen sick of a disease generally styled “Chicken pox.”

10th May Holiday in consequence of the marriage of Miss Teale.

19th May Had to punish T Maudsley and John Balderstone for bad conduct.

30th June Revd E Sherlock attended and distributed the first annual prizes.   Miss M Parker and John Bradley took over the two first prizes.

3rd August Closed this afternoon and took the children to High Bentham to see a menagerie of wild beasts.

17th August Had to punish WH Beaumont for swearing.

13th October Had to punish JW Thompson and John Thomas Smith for fouling boy’s closet.

26th October Had to punish William Leeming for swearing.

22nd December Today we were awarded for the second time.  Mrs Teale’s Annual prizes for sewing MJ Balderstone took the first prize for a shirt and Isabella Cumberland 1st for button holes.  ME Porteus for darning,   AA Nowell 1st for shirt sleeves.  Ruth Nowell for patching.  Chemese 1st Margt Wilson.  Knitting 1st E Hoskinson.  Pocket handkerchief 1st Ann Ward.


11th January Examined whole school in mental arithmetic.  WH Battersby and Isabella Cumberland most proficient.

17th January Had to punish W Leeming and John Foster for wading into the stream.

20th January Lesson on dictation.  Girls most proficient.  W Emmott had 25 mistakes.

6th March Examined upper class in reading, dictation and arithmetic.  William Emmott and AA Nowell & Clara Jane Parker had no mistakes.

4th April Punished W Thompson for inattention.

5th April Examined upper class in arithmetic on slates from dictation.  MH Battersby and ME Dixon and Jane Foster had no mistakes.

28th April Had to punish E Hodgson and William Beaumont for careless writing.

12th May Had to punish John Shiers for careless writing.

16th May Had to punish James Balderstone for lying.

19th May Had to punish E Hodgson for indecent conduct.

2nd June Several of the older boys away washing sheep.

7th June Had to punish James Balderstone for bad conduct.

12th June The number of the infants is small in consequence of the boys being attacked with scarlet fever.

13th June Had to punish James Green for theft.

21st June Had to punish W Thompson and William Williams for idleness.

22nd June Bentham Cattle Fair, attendance low in consequence.

23rd June Gave holiday for High Bentham School Feast.

26th June Attendance small in consequence of sickness and the hay harvest.

26th July Had to punish James Green for misconduct.

2nd August Had to punish JT Smith for indolence.

8th August Punished JT Hoskinson for swearing.

18th August Punished G Horrocks for idleness to lessons.

19th September had to punish William Shiers for inattention.

28th September Had to punish J Hall, W Bradley, William Thompson and William Shiers for ill treating Thomas Worthington.

11th October Had to punish William Beaumont for telling an intruth.

30th October Had to punish John Shiers and William Green for fighting.

13th November Mrs Fox’s children have been withdrawn to escape paying the fire money.

7th December Had to punish W Green and D Parkinson for idling over lessons.

20th December Today Mrs Teale of the Ridding gave her 3rd Annual Prizes to the girls for needlework and knitting.  There were about 15 prizes in all and the highest a beautiful workbox worth about 18/- was awarded to Margaret Wilson.  The boys Christmas prizes were awarded by Revd E Sherlock.

1st Prizes                   2nd Prizes

RJ Carter                   William Emmott

John Bradley            Alexander Burrow                           

JP Smith                    Thos. Howell

John Emmott           William Leeming

E Thos Harling         Thos. Clarke

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