Buckden Church of England School Logbook Extracts 1904/7

Held at North Yorkshire Record Office at Northallerton

Catalogue Reference S/BKD


13th January Helen Smith commenced teaching.

3rd February Two boys, Wilson and James Lofthouse came to school this morning after the register was closed, consequently are marked absent.

7th March A meeting was held to appoint a manager for the school.  Mr Simpson was elected.

5th April Readmitted Ernest Wight.  Admitted Clare Matilda Watson, infant.

11th April Admitted Robert Simpson.

18th April Admitted Annie Lofthouse.

19th May The School Attendance Officer, Mr Harker complained of the attendance of the infants – Clare Watson is now 5 and never makes a full week’s attendance.

10th August. Received a medical certificate stating that Nellie Foster is unable to attend school at all this summer.

12th August.  Removed two boy’s names off the register, Frank Kendall and Thomas Gill, they have left.

6th September No school on account of Kilnsey Gala.

7th October Clare Watson still absent, having only made 8 attendances in 6 weeks.

11th October School closed the remainder of the week.  It is the Annual Fair and Feast.

20th October No School today.  Several children had gone to the Bradford Exhibition.

4th November Clare Watson still absent.  This child has not made a single attendance this quarter.

18th November Removed Clare Watson’s name from the register. She has been   absent 11 weeks and she has now gone to Ireland.

12th December The Assistant Teacher, Helen Smith is absent from school having gone home in order to attend the Cambridge Local Examination to qualify as a Pupil Teacher.


3rd February The boys have with only one exception, Thomas Parrington who is ill, made full attendances this week.

27th March Removed Mabel and Maude Wight’s names from the register as they have left the village.

12th May Leyburn Fair today – result a poor attendance.

26th May This year there are only two infants, one aged 5 one aged 4.

4th August All children present except Stephen Tennant.

18th August Stephen Tennant has left the school – gone home.

2nd October Readmitted Clare Watson.

27th October Fanny Gill has been absent all week, she is ill.


18th January Minnie Smith began to act as monitress.

6th June Fanny Gill and William Gill are in the hospital having been absent   since 20th May.

8th June Mark Kendall is also under medical treatment.

14th September Annie Lofthouse came in at 1.10 and was consequently marked absent.

29th October Three children, Wilson, James and Annie Lofthouse have left the village, which reduces the number on the register to 17.


2nd April Admitted four scholars Blanche Jackman, Francis Ingham Simpson, Sydney Falshaw and Margaret Sayer.

2nd June Admitted Ethel Smith.  There are now 25 names on the register.

14th June Thomas Parrington is sick again.

9th July Thomas Parrington gone away for the rest of the year, only made 3 attendances.

27th September Thomas Parrington away again, only made two attendances this week.

4th October Robert Simpson was sent for at 1.30 so his attendance was cancelled.

7th October Thomas Parrington is ill again having only made 12 attendances in 6 weeks.

22nd October A case of measles in the village causing one girl, M Sayer to miss school.

11th November Admitted Arthur Robinson.

22nd November Margaret Sayer has returned to school after an absence of 4 weeks.

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