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In Response to a question raised in the Schools in Photographs Section of the Website, the following information has been kindly provided by Peter Grinham

You’ve asked on this post: … Harry Renton front row right. Can you name anyone else?

The Burley Local History & Archive Group – https://burleycommunitylibrary.weebly.com/burley-archive.html
have the following information:
Mary Chorley & Burley Woodhead school children c1920s at the Wharfedale Music Festival, Ilkley.

Mary Chorley is the teacher in the centre – more info about her here: https://burleycommunitylibrary.weebly.com/mary-chorley.html

  • A number of children have been identified on the photograph:
    Back Row from right: Lance Renton & Kathleen Craven later Fordham.
  • Middle Row on far right below Lance Renton is his sister Daisy Renton. Also on the middle row to the left of Mary Chorley is Elsie Craven (later Pickard) (sister of Kathleen above) & next to her is Winnie Morritt later Clough. ​To the right of Mary Chorley is Olga Oliver.
  • Front Row: On the left is believed to be Leonard Whetzel & on the right ​Harry Renton (b1914).

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