Bolton Abbey/Barden C of E School Extracts 1874-1876

Held at North Yorkshire Record Office at Northallerton

Catalogue Reference SBNA/1


16th January MJ Broderick admitted.  Robert Titherington played truant on Thursday afternoon.

23rd January Eliza Stephenson cut her forehead on the desk on Wednesday whilst running about the school during the dinner hour which was against the rules.  She had to go home at once but was not seriously hurt and came to school again the next morning.

30th January Anne Dixon away ill several days.

6th February Elizabeth Mawson withdrawn from this school.  Her parents intend to send her to Hazlewood because it is nearer her home.  Ruth Hodgson, Sarah Darnbrough and Robert Titherington were extremely troublesome on Monday.

13th February Ruth Hodgson absent.

13th March Eliza Stephenson absent all week having accidentally hurt her leg.

10th April Fanny Hodgson admitted.

17th April Susanna Demaine of Oakfield admitted and Isabella Kitching on Monday.

1st May Sarah Darnbrough went home during morning school without permission on Tuesday.

8th May Ruth, Mary and Fanny Hodgson left the school their father having had to leave the parish and move to Ilkley.

15th May Isabella Kitchen absent because her brother has the measles.

5th June 3 Hagars absent because their brother has measles.

12th June Susannah and Margaret Moorhouse absent with measles and Sarah Darnbrough and Mary Read.

19th June Richard Hagar absent through having the measles.

26th June Mary Read, Maggie Moorhouse and R Hagar returned to school on Thursday.  Mary Hagar & TW Hagar absent ill.

14th August Susan Moorhouse disobedient and rude during morning attendance.

4th September Sarah Darnbrough began to attend again having been kept away by illness for four weeks.

18th September Anne Dixon ill absent two days.

2nd October 4 children from Barden left for the winter.

9th October Nancy Robinson and Annie Holmes began to attend school again on Monday.

30th October Ann Dixon absent all week.

6th November Annie Holmes absent all week ill.

20th November Elizabeth Mawson absent and Isabella Kitchen through illness.

27th November Nancy Robinson sent home again on Tuesday morning her little brother having the fever.

4th December Nancy Robinson’s mother brought her to school again on Monday, she being mistaken about her brother having a fever.


 5th February Isabella Kitchen came to school again.

19th February George Mawson admitted

12th March Isabella Kitchen absent ill.  Margaret Gill had to go home at noon on Wednesday because she was poorly.

19th March James and Charles Compton admitted.

2nd April William Kitchen admitted on Wednesday.  Robert Titherington left to go to the new school at Beamsley.

9th April William Read readmiited on Monday.

16th April Miss A Speed came to assist with teaching on Monday, the mistress being unwell.

30th July Miss Agnes F Biggs took charge of this school on Tuesday 27th.  Eight children admitted.

6th August Nine children admitted on Monday.

13th August Three children admitted.

10th September Hannah Jane Gill admitted on Monday.

24th September Thomas Emmott admitted on Monday.

8th October Four children admitted.

15th October Ada Holmes absent several days ill.  Three children admitted.

29th October Catherine and Ellen Atkinson absent all week ill.

3rd December Annie Lister and Ada Holmes absent all week ill.

17th December Martha Duckett absent all week.


18th January Isabella Demaine admitted.

24th January Ada and Martha Holmes absent several days ill.

14th February Sarah and James Williamson admitted.

6th March Ada Holmes absent very ill.

27th March Isabella Demaine left.

10th April Sarah Demaine admitted.  Elizabeth Holmes and Thomas Emmott left.

19th May Jane Holmes absent ill.

11th August Margaret Atkinson and Grace admiited.

25th August Ada Holmes readmitted.

29th September Harriet Wall left.

13th October Jane Holmes absent all week.

3rd November Jeremiah Hagar admitted on Monday.