Cononley – Butchers

From the Hodgson Collection held at Skipton Local Studies Library

Abbreviation KPA = Kildwick Parish Register

Laurence LEE   KPR 1727,1728,1730,1737, 1739,1778, died 1785 aged 90

Edward MORVEL/MORVILLE    KPR 1720,1723, 1726,1728, 1733, 1749 recorded as “Husbandman”.     Died 1768 aged 74

John HUDSON      KPR 1736,1737,1739,1740,1742,1743, 1781

James RAMSDEN  KPR 1753

Thomas GREEN    KPR 1777,1783

John WATSON       KPR 1810,1812

Anthony SPENCER   Craven Muster Roll 1803

William SPENCER   Baines Directory 1822

Ralph GARTH           Pigot’s Directory 1841                   

William MASON       Pigot’s Directory 1841   

Jonas SPENCER         Pigot’s Directory 1841   

James GIBB                 1861 Census age 30

Edward SPENCER     1871 Census King Street age 45

James GILL                  1871 Census Peel’s Fold age 42

David DUCKWORTH 1880 Craven Household Almanac Butcher

Craven Household Almanac Butcher & Farmer

 1882-83 Craven Household Almanac Farmer & Coal Dealer

TH DUCKWORTH 1909/10 Craven Household Almanac Butcher & Farmer 1911 Craven Household Almanac Farmer only

1879-1881 Craven Household Almanac Name only

John METCALFE   1912-1914 Craven Household Almanac Farmer & Butcher 110 Main St.

Heaton SMITH   1880 Craven Household Almanac

John James COATES   1884 Craven Household Almanac Butcher

JS ARCHER  1886-1892 Craven Household Almanac Butcher

James Wm Archer SAGAR  1893-1899 Craven Household Almanac Butcher

Chadwick J SMITH Apr 1919 Cononley Parish Mag. Advert Butcher & Main St. Cononley & Lothersdale       

William GREEN 1928-32 Craven Household Almanac Butcher Bradley’s Farm, 71 Main St. 1939 Cononley Parish Mag. Advert Butcher

 George Cyril BINGHAM  1932 Craven Household Almanac Butcher & Grocer

Cononley Grocers/Shopkeepers

From the Hodgson Collection held at Skipton Local Studied Library

John HOGARTH – listed in White’s directory 1838 as one of two shopkeepers in Cononley, (the other one was Thomas LAYCOCK).   In Pigot’s Directory 1841, he is listed along with 10 others as Grocer and Dealer in Sundries.  In White’s Directory 1854 he is again listed with 10 others, only two of them are the same as the 1841 list.

William & Ellen AYRTON – William Ayrton is first listed in Pigot’s Directory 1841 as a Grocer and Dealer in Sundries.  He is listed in Slater’s directory of 1849 and in White’s 1854.  In Slater’s 1855 Directory he is listed twice under the headings Grocer and as Linen & Woollen Draper.   William Ayrton died in 1862 and was buried at Kildwick on 4th March aged 63 years.  The business was carried on after his death by his widow Ellen who is listed in the 1867 and 1872 editions of Kelly’s Post Office Directory.  Ellen Ayrton was buried with her husband at Kildwick 4th January 1875.  Their shop was at what is now 94 Main Street.  William Ayrton was born at Marsden, Lancs and his wife at Colne.

Daniel CARPENTER  – Listed in Pigot’s Directory of 1841 as Grocer – Cononley.    The 1841  Census records him as residing in King Street Cononley, Shopkeeper.  Slater’s directory of 1849 does not list him.  He died in July 1852 and was buried at Kildwick on 9th July aged 84 years.

Richard LANE – Listed in Pigot’s directory of 1841 as Grocer – Cononley.  No trace can be found of a person of this name in the 1841 Census for Cononley or in Kildwick Parish Church.

Thomas PEEL – Listed in Pigot’s Directory of 1841 and Slater’s Directory of 1849 as Grocer & Dealer- Cononley.  He is recorded in the 1841 Census “Independent”, possibly in what is now known as Gordon House.  In the 1851 Census he is recorded as a widower aged 77 “Proprietor of houses”, i.e. houses in Gordon Terrace formerly known as “Peels Fold”.  In neither of the Census is mention made of his trading as a Grocer although the “Bide” door of this house along the passageway to Gordon Terrace may have possibly been a shop.  Thomas Peel died aged 80 and was buried at Kildwick 29th March 1854.  In the baptism of his children he is described as Weaver later as Manufacturer.   In the above 1841 & 1849 directories he also has an entry as “Stuff Manufacturer – Cononley”.

Cononley School 1927

From the Hodgson Collection at Skipton Local Studies LIbrary
MIss Worsley with her class

Back row: Dick Barritt, Leslie Thompson, Eric Buckley, Eric Perry, Jim Clark, Dennis Rawson.

2nd row: Frank Stansfield, Peggy Lambert, Elsie Tatham, Winnie Bingham, Doris Nixon, Mary Wright, Hagar Webster, Jack Throup, Frank Hudson.

3rd row seated on a bench: Margaret Smith, Annie Rawson, Rene Clark, Eric Haigh, Doris Pitt, Alice Broughton, (1st name not recorded) Smith, Mary Snowden, Jennie Hey, Ethel Wright, Ruth Armitstead, Cedric Throup.

Front row: Cyril Lee, Jim Hurtley, Jack Thompson, Harry Tatham, Jim Throup.

Cononley Aireside Mill Workforce 2

Donald William Stell (known as Willie to the workforce) was presented with a suitcase to mark his 21st birthday, 21st May 1935.  The presentation was made by the lady who was the eldest worker.  To the left of Donald is his sister Margaret and their father Thomas Stell who owned the mill.

From the Hodgson Collection at Skipton Local Studies Library

Cononley Women’s Institute 1960s

The photograph includes many founder members

Back row: Marion Newton, Nellie Smith, Irene Lund,  Dorothy Barker, Norah Spencer,  Doris Coates

Third row: Nellie Clough, Rita Pickles, Annie Teal, Hannah Smith, Ethel Stirk, Winnie Robson, Doris Walton, Florrie Hartley, Winnie Kitching, Kathleen Mawson

Second row: Lizzie Hudson, Marjory Laycock, Mrs Pearson, Edith Robson, Mrs Hodgson, Lily Lambert, Edna Dixon, Ivy Kenyon, Mrs Hopkinson

Front row: Sarah Lister, Emmie Watson, Violet Iveson, Mrs Dobson, Mrs Foster, Julia Smith, Kathleen Robson

From the Hodgson Collection at Skipton Local Studies Library

Cononley Mount Zion United Methodist Free Church c1893

Photograph taken in front of the chapel.  The chapel was next to Cononley School on Back Lane (now Meadow Lane)
Back row: Ada Coates, Mary Firth, Isaac Firth, Agnes Stansfield, Seth Holmes, Sarah Martha Shields, Anna Maria Shuttleworth, William Stansfield, Arthur Batty
Kneeling at front:Elizabeth Ann Hudson, Emily Smith, Sarah Jane Stansfield, Georgina Stansfield

From the Hodgson Collection at Skipton Local Studies Library

Cononley Cricket Club 2nd X1 1936

Winners of the 2nd Division of the Craven League

From the Hodgson Collection at Skipton Local Studies Library