Records of Draughton Silvester Petyt Apprentices

Poor Draughton and Berwick children, clothed and placed in apprenticeship by the Silvester Petyt Charitable Trust.

Transcribed from the original record books by Anthony Petyt.

HOLMES Thomas 1727 son of Christopher Holmes, placed with Ingram Homes, butcher.
ROBINSON William 1727 son of William Robinson, place with Thomas Holmes, husbandman.
SIMPSON Sarah 1727 daughter of Thomas Simpson, placed with William Bramley.
COWLING Peter 1729 Placed with Joseph Steel, shoemaker.
CRUMMOCK John 1729 Placed with Anthony Laykland, tailor.
PEARSON John 1729 Placed with John Ellill, butcher.
SMITH James 1729 Placed with William Wade, serge maker.
EMMOTT George 1731 son of George Emmott, placed with John Wade, mason.
HOLMES Christopher 1731 son of Christopher Holmes, placed with Thomas Smith, butcher.
WHITTINGHAM Thomas 1732 son of Thomas Whittingham, placed with Edward Demaine, weaver.
HOLMES Agnes 1734 daughter of Christopher Holmes, placed with John Popplewell.
WEST Martin 1734 son of Martin West, placed with Thomas Stead, mason.
ROBINSON John 1735 son of Richard Robinson, placed with George Kendall, butcher.
SIMPSON Jonathan 1736 son of Thomas Simpson, placed with Joseph Steel.
EMMOTT John 1737 son of Ann Emmott, deceased, placed with William Myers.
WADE William 1738 son of Martin Roper, placed with William Wade, serge maker.
JOHNSON Joseph 1739 son of Thomas Johnson, placed with William Currer, maltster & husbandman.
HUSTWICK William 1740 son of William Hustwick, placed with Jonathan Jennings, mason.
SIMPSON William 1740 son of Thomas Simpson, placed with James Brown, carpenter.
SIMPSON Joshua 1741 son of Thomas Simpson, placed with John Holmes, blacksmith.
WEST William 1741 son of Martin West, placed with Jonathan Cawood, nailmaker.
EMMETT Peter 1742 son of William Emmett, placed with Jeremy Brigg, farmer and shalloon maker.
LEEMING Peter 1742 son of Peter Leeming, placed with William Collyer, linen weaver.
LUND William 1743 son of Man Lund, placed with Joseph Farmer, mason.
WEST John 1743 son of William West, placed with Janus Pickard, linen weaver.
WEST John 1744 son of Martin West, placed with Jeremiah Whittam, shoemaker.
LEEMING James 1745 son of Peter Leeming, placed with Robert Inman, whitesmith.
SIMPSON John 1746 son of Thomas Simpson, placed with Thomas England, carpenter.
ELLIS John 1749 son of Stephen Ellis, placed with Joshua Man, shalloon weaver.
WEST Thomas 1752 son of Martin West, placed with Jonathan Cawood, nailmaker.
SIMPSON Thomas 1754 son of John Simpson, placed with Stephen Lawson, joiner.
WEST Henry 1754 son of William West, placed with William Sutcliff, bricklayer.

Draughton School Logbook Extracts 1900 to 1914

Held At North Yorkshire Record Office at Northallerton
Catalogue Reference S/DRA 1/1
7TH August 1900 Miss Edith Sander, Article 50, commenced her duties today as Assistant Mistress at this school. Two pupils, Annie Cockshutt and Sarah Pratt have each obtained a three year scholarship for Skipton Grammar School. This is the first time a scholarship has been obtained at this school.
8th August 1900 Owing to some unpleasantness with a woman in the village, Miss Sander has sent in her resignation. The woman asserted that Miss Sander had struck her child on the head, the assistant indignant at the charge, denied it and resigned.
22nd June 1903 Miss Annie Cockshutt, a young girl of fifteen, came to help with the younger children, until an assistant is appointed.
26th June 1903 Owing to two cases of scarlet fever having occurred, school was closed suddenly this morning, week early for the midsummer holidays.
18th September 1903 Miss Annie Cockshutt still continues to render help in school. Her services are of value; for she keeps her class in good order and is very hardworking and keenly interested in her duties.
27th April 1906 Seven children have left the school this week. Four have left the village, the families having removed to Skipton. Three are turned fourteen years of age. Edith Leeming, one of the three that have left has been appointed Monitress at the Skipton National School, Infants Department.
19th August 1910 Scholarships August 1910 – Margaret Inglis Sim has won a Petyt Scholarship, (full fees) at the Skipon Girl’s Grammar School.
Mabel Turford has won a Petyt Scholarship, half fees, available at the same school. Mabel Turford also passed the written test of the County Minor Scholarship. John Petty passed the written test for the Petyt Scholarship, available at Skipton Boy’s Grammar School.

31st October 1914 Today, two more families of Belgian refugees arrived. For these two more cottages have been prepared and furnished; one by the inhabitants of Halton East and the other by Mr J Wood of Close House. Mr Pratt of Skibeden, Mrs Wood and Mrs Cockshutt of Skipton, Mrs Harrison and Mr R Pratt. The Halton East villager of the Belgian refugees. In all there are now sixteen Belgians in Draughton.