Halton West School Logbook

Held at North Yorkshire Record Office at Northallerton

Catalogue Reference S/HLW/1/1


3rd February Andrew Parkinson’s attendance from May 1892 (very poor).

17th March James Thompson not attending school – sickness.

25th April Note: apparently Maggie Sheldon and Alice Parkinson are ——— dull and somewhat deficient in intelligence.   Signed C Wildbone

12th May Jane Mason sick, not able to attend school.

9th June Eli. Sheldon left school.


11th September Jane Mason left school – gone away.


Margaret and Martha Jolly left school today, parents leaving the neighbourhood.

9th October All the boys away today, a Fair being held at Long Preston.

11th December Anthony Thompson still absent – sickness.


11th January Mabel Moore returned today after an absence of six weeks.

20th January M Sheldon left school today.

26th February Resigned charge of this school today, signed T Johnstone

8th March Commenced duties as mistress of this school today. Signed Ada Campbell

27th August Six children left school today owing to their parents leaving the district.


18th March Three children who have been absent during the winter months have returned this week.

16th April Jane Agnes Johnson was appointed Monitor 1st March.

18th November Lizzie Swinbank away from school the last six weeks – ill.


2nd October Miss Campbell resigned her charge of this school on Thursday 28th September.  I Fanny Ingleson commenced work this morning.

16th November Sent John Thompson home – ill.


9th February Received a Doctor’s certificate for Lizzie Swinbank, she is a very delicate girl and has been absent since 3rd January and is not to attend until the Doctor gives permission.

28th March Two boys, John Thompson and Absolem Sheldon read very badly.

22nd June This afternoon prizes, 26 in number, are to given for regular attendance.  The following children made over 400 attendances:

Sheldon Absalom        423

Denby Maggie            405

Redmayne Maggie     417

Swinbank Sarah           424

Sheldon Charles          424

Rumney Walter           426

Bland Sissy                   412

Bland Louie                 422

Redmayne Lizzie         416

Bland Thomas             418

Thompson Thomas     427

Fell Gordon                 398