Ingleton National School Mixed Admission Register Index 1st April 1913 to 1st April 1916

Held at North Yorkshire Record Office at Northallerton

Catalogue Reference S/INT

Date of Date of Scholar’s Parent or Address of Scholars Last School Date of Reason
Adm Readm Name Guardian Parent or Guardian DOB Attended Leaving
01/04/16 01/04/19 ANDERSON George ANDERSON John 4 Lytham Terrace 04/08/09 Infant Dept. 27/01/19 trans  to J&T?
01/04/13 ANDERSON Jane ANDERSON John Lytham Terrace 25/12/06 Infant Dept. 24/12/20 exempt
06/09/15 ANDERTON Frank ANDERTON Wm. Hy. Yarlsber 13/03/05 Clayton le Moors C 29/09/16 to Clayton Le Moors
01/09/13 ARNOLD Arthur ARNOLD Richard Back Gate 14/09/01 Goldthorpe C. 19/09/13 to Leeds
01/04/16 12/01/20 ASKEW George ASKEW Agnes The Square 12/06/08 Infant Dept. 27/01/19 & 14/7/1922
27/10/13 ATKINSON Alice ATKINSON Robert Bank End 26/02/07 Infant Dept. 24/03/21 exempt
22/11/15 ATKINSON Alice ATKINSON Wm Springs View 26/05/06 Manchester C. 17/12/15 to Manchester
01/04/16 BAKER Wallace BAKER George 56 Model Village 26/04/07 Infant Dept. 08/07/21 exempt
10/08/15 BALDWIN Joseph BALDWIN George Beech Terrace 30/05/07 Burnley C. 08/09/16 to Burnley
01/04/14 BARKER Esther BARKER Chris. Pemberton 04/03/08 Infant Dept. 31/03/22 exempt
01/04/16 28/01/18 BARKER Jane BARKER James Pemberton 10/03/08 Infant Dept. 12/05/16 to Leeds& 31/3/1922 exm
01/04/16 BARKER Marjorie BARKER Amelia Main Street 16/01/08 Infant Dept. 16/03/17 to Lancaster
01/04/16 BARTON John BARTON Joseph 44 Model Village 29/05/08 Infant Dept. 02/06/16 to Leeds
19/04/15 BARTON Rebecca BARTON Joseph Colliery Village 02/02/07 Bentham Council 02/06/16 to Leeds
11/08/13 BIRKBECK Leslie BIRKBECK Mary The Bottom 14/05/05 Wigan Nat. 15/08/13 to Wigan
31/01/16 BOOTH Charlotte BOOTH George 91 Model Village 17/06/03 Whittington Ch. 15/06/17 full age
24/01/16 BOOTH Grace A BOOTH George 91 Model Village 31/08/06 Whittington Ch. 16/01/20 full age
12/04/15 BOOTH Harry BOOTH Thos.H Colliery Village 13/05/06 Kirkby Nat. 04/07/19 exempt
24/01/16 BOOTH Mabel V BOOTH George 91 Model Village 28/07/07 Whittington Ch. 08/07/21 exempt
01/04/14 BRACLEY Ivy BRACLEY Cyrus New Road 23/07/07 Infant Dept. 04/09/14 to Ryehill
01/04/15 BRADSHAW Freda BRADSHAW John Back Gate 06/12/08 Infant Dept. 22/12/22 exempt
01/04/15 BRADSHAW Maurice BRADSHAW John Back Gate 07/09/07 Infant Dept. 23/12/21 exempt
01/04/16 BRASS George BRASS John Nut Gill 21/07/07 Infant Dept. 24/12/20 to Bentham Gr Sch
01/04/15 BROOK Elizabeth BROOK Fred Moore’s Yard 04/02/08 Infant Dept. 06/10/16 to Burnley
29/03/15 BROUGHTON Ben BROUGHTON Wm. H Colliery Village 01/10/04 Burnley C. 15/10/15 to Leeds
29/03/15 BROUGHTON Geo. Wm. BROUGHTON Wm. H Colliery Village 13/09/02 Burnley C. 15/10/15 to Leeds
07/04/15 BROUGHTON Nellie BROUGHTON Wm. H Colliery Village 17/12/07 Infant Dept. 15/10/15 to Leeds
01/04/15 BROWN Annie BROWN John Park Road 11/09/05 Infant Dept. 23/12/19 exempt
13/04/15 BROWN Gladys BROWN Tom Main Street 19/04/04 Clapham Nat. 16/04/15 to Clapham
01/04/15 BROWN Sidney BROWN Wm. Back Gate 29/11/08 Infant Dept. 22/12/22 exempt
28/09/14 BROWN Walter BROWN Walter New Road 05/11/04 Nelson Council 25/02/16 to Burton in Lonsdale
31/01/16 BURGESS Margaret BURGESS Isaac 75 Model Village 24/11/06 Ashton under Lyne 09/02/17 to Wigan
27/10/13 BURKINSHAW Dorothy BURKINSHAW Oscar New Road 21/08/06 Infant Dept. 02/06/16 to Leeds
01/04/16 BURNETT Miriam BURNETT Thomas 92 Model Village 25/01/09 Infant Dept. 16/03/17 left district
01/04/16 CHAMLEY Dorothy CHAMLEY Wm. A Skirwith Farm 02/02/09 Infant Dept. 24/03/21 to Settle Girls Sch.
14/09/15 CHAMLEY Isabell CHAMLEY Wm. A Skirwith 08/12/05 Giggleswick C. 24/08/17 to Settle High Sch
24/11/13 CHESTER Charles CHESTER Charles Beech Terrace 07/06/04 Westhouse End 01/07/15 left district
24/11/13 CHESTER Lilian CHESTER Charles Beech Terrace 21/07/07 Westhouse End 01/07/15 left district
02/12/13 CHESTER William CHESTER Charles Beech Terrace 21/03/02 Westhouse End 01/07/15 left district
15/11/195 CLARK Margaret CLARK George 114 Model Village 17/09/06 South Elmsall C. 24/12/20 exempt
28/09/14 COCKETT Edgar COCKETT Ernest Foredales 08/04/07 Infant Dept. 08/07/21 exempt
19/05/13 COOKSON Mawson COOKSON Thomas New Field 11/02/05 Infant Dept. 09/06/16 to Chapel le Dale
25/10/15 COOLING Joseph COOLING Joseph 106 Model Village 18/03/06 Leeds C. 16/11/17 to Kippax
01/04/16 COOLING Thomas COOLING Joseph 106 Model Village 19/01/08 Infant Dept. 16/11/17 to Kippax
09/08/15 CRAGG Grace CRAGG Leonard Strand Cottages 29/08/03 Bookwell C. 06/01/19 exempt
20/03/16 CRANE Alfred CRANE Alfred Beech Terrace 03/06/06 Wigan Nat. 02/07/20 full age
06/03/16 04/09/16 CRANE Caroline CRANE Alfred Beech Terrace 15/04/06 Wigan Nat. 02/06/16 to Wigan & Lancaster
06/03/16 CRANE Harry CRANE Alfred Beech Terrace 25/03/03 Wigan Nat. 23/03/17 full age
27/03/16 DIGGLE Annie DIGGLE George 7 Laburnham Cotts 11/08/05 Burnley Wood C. 18/08/16 to Burnley
01/04/16 DIGGLE George DIGGLE George 7 Model Village 28/04/08 Infant Dept. 25/08/16 to Burnley
28/05/13 11/01/15 DOBSON Jonathan DOBSON Jonathan R Back Gate 07/07/06 Blackpool C. 06/06/13 to Blackpool
06/09/15 EARL Sarah A EARL Thomas Model Village 08/02/08 Clayton le Moors C 02/11/17 to Clayton Le Moors
20/04/14 ELLIOTT Ivy ELLIOTT Geo. Wm. New Road 05/03/05 Chesterfield C. 05/03/15 to Chesterfield
09/08/15 FIELDING Eliza FIELDING John Model Village 20/10/02 Burnley Ch. 17/09/15 to Bookwell
31/05/15 FISHER Jane Alice FISHER Richard The Bottom 10/02/08 Coppull c. 14/04/16 to Lancaster
08/09/13 FLETCHER Edith FLETCHER Wm. Foulridge 02/06/02 Foulridge CE 12/09/13 to Foulridge
25/10/15 GASCOIGNE Eliza GASCOIGNE Hannah 54 Model Village 31/10/07 Bentham C. 23/11/17 to Rotherham
25/10/15 GASCOIGNE Lilian GASCOIGNE Hannah 54 Model Village 28/05/05 Bentham C. 23/11/17 to Rotherham
25/10/15 GEE Elizabeth GEE Robert Wm. 110 Model Village 25/08/03 Goldthorpe C. 24/08/17 full age
25/10/15 GEE Robert GEE Robert Wm. 110 Model Village 13/08/07 Goldthorpe C. 24/12/20 exempt
25/10/15 GEE William GEE Robert Wm. 110 Model Village 16/08/05 Goldthorpe C. 05/09/18 exempt
01/04/14 GILL Dennis GILL James Yarlsber 04/04/07 Infant Dept. 29/04/19 to Kirkby Gr Sch
01/04/15 GUY Edward GUY Henry Park View 03/06/07 Infant Dept. 08/07/21 exempt
02/02/14 HAIGH Alexander HAIGH Francis New Road 18/02/04 Holmewood C. 06/03/14 left district
01/04/16 01/04/19 HANCOCK Stephen HANCOCK Stephen 118 Model Village 06/10/09 Infant Dept. 27/01/19 &23/02/1922 to Stainforth
09/06/13 HANSON John HANSON John New Road 29/12/04 Burnley Wood C. 04/07/13 to Burnley
01/04/14 HARLAND Mabel SEDGWICK Joseph Main Street 28/03/07 Infant Dept. 24/03/21 exempt
07/12/14 HEAPS Isabel HEAPS Robert Back Gate 28/01/04 Edmonton Canada 25/01/18 full age
01/04/15 HEAPS Robert HEAPS Robert H Colliery Village 05/06/07 Infant Dept. 08/07/21 exempt
01/04/15 HIGHAM Chris. A HIGHAM Charles Back Gate 08/11/08 Infant Dept. 22/09/16 to Cudworth
01/04/13 HIGHAM Honor HIGHAM Charles Back Gate 16/06/07 Infant Dept. 07/05/15 to Doncaster
01/04/13 HIIBBARD Lydia A HIBBARD Thomas Laugber End 01/07/06 Infant Dept. 06/01/19 to Settle Girls Sch
27/10/13 HOBBS Beatrice HOBBS Sydney Back Gate 04/07/06 Infant Dept. 23/11/14 deceased
01/04/16 13/10/19 HOBBS Sidney HOBBS Sidney Back Gate 25/08/08 Infant Dept. 27/01/19 & 22/12/1922 exempt
10/08/15 HODGSON Ed. G HODGSON George B Duck Dub 01/10/04 Newby C. 19/03/17 exempt
01/04/16 HOLLINGWORTH Rd HOLLINGWORTH Chas. Morton Terrace 26/07/09 Infant Dept. 20/04/16 to Leeds
01/04/15 HORN George HORN George ClarrickTerrace 11/04/07 Infant Dept. 08/07/21 exempt
01/04/16 01/04/19 HORN Matthew HORN George ClarrickTerrace 06/09/08 Infant Dept. 27/01/19 & 22/12/1922
12/10/14 HORNBY Harry HORNBY Casson Back Gate 04/10/04 Bookwell 27/11/14 to Bookwell
01/04/14 HOWSON Arthur GRAY Harry Greta Cottages 22/05/06 Infant Dept. 10/10/19 exempt
01/04/16 HOWSON Elsie HOWSON Robert Conservative Club 29/08/09 Infant Dept. 23/12/19 to Tadcaster
14/06/15 HOWSON Freda HOWSON Moses F Main Street 17/06/08 Sowerby Bridge C. 20/12/16 exempt
01/04/16 HOWSON Herbert HOWSON James Bell Horse Gate 15/11/09 Infant Dept. 29/02/24 exempt
01/04/15 HOWSON John HOWSON Robert Conservative Club 26/07/08 Infant Dept. 23/12/19 to Tadcaster
02/06/13 HOWSON Wm R WOODS Mrs C The Bottom 14/12/02 Morecambe C. 18/06/15 exempt
01/06/15 HUTCHINSON George HUTCHINSON George New Colliery Huts 02/03/04 Jump Ch. 13/04/17 to Maltby
26/04/15 IRELAND Wilfrid IRELAND Fred New Road 25/04/03 Kirkby Lonsdale C. 15/06/17 full age
04/05/15 JENKINS Eliz. A JENKINS Thos. Colliery Village 19/07/06 Huncoat C. 02/07/20 full age
04/05/15 JENKINS John JENKINS Thos. Colliery Village 01/07/07 Huncoat C. 24/12/20 exempt
01/04/15 JOHNSTON Jennie JOHNSTON Joseph H Main Street 27/04/08 Infant Dept. 12/09/19 to Norland
06/05/14 KING Charles Wm. KING Walter New Road 24/02/02 Radford C. 20/11/14 left district
11/05/14 KING Emily KING Walter New Road 16/06/04 Radford C. 20/11/14 left district
01/04/16 KING Kathleen KING Thomas High Street 22/11/09 Infant Dept. 21/12/23 exempt
27/10/13 KING Louisa KING Thomas High Street 08/02/08 Infant Dept. 31/03/22 exempt
06/05/14 KING Thomas KING Walter New Road 17/09/06 Radford C. 20/11/14 left district
06/03/16 KINSEY Edith KINSEY Mark Model Village 09/03/07 Featherstone C. 08/03/18 to Featherstone
06/03/16 KINSEY Mark KINSEY Mark Model Village 01/04/04 Featherstone C. 22/06/17 exempt
18/08/13 KNIGHT Terence E KNIGHT John Henry Wheat Sheaf 12/10/05 Long Preston 29/08/13 to Bentham
06/09/15 KNIGHTON Thos. A KNIGHTON Thos. Model Village 04/01/08 Bolsover C. 06/07/17 to Shirebrook
01/04/15 LAMBERT Francis LAMBERT John Wm. Back Gate 04/01/09 Infant Dept. 22/12/22 exempt
01/04/15 LAMBERT Robert LAMBERT Robert Caber Top 24/12/07 Infant Dept. 23/12/21 exempt
05/01/14 LAWTON Daisy LAWTON Harry Ivy Cottage 22/10/02 Biddulph CC. 30/01/19 to Biddulph
01/04/14 LAWTON Doris LAWTON Harry Ivy Cottage 02/05/07 Infant Dept. 17/09/20 left district
01/04/14 27/09/17 LITTLEFAIR William LITTLEFAIR Charles Greta Cottages 05/12/07 Infant Dept. 24/08/17 & 23/5/1919 to Preston
20/04/14 LUPTON Norah LUPTON John Park View 01/01/04 Shipley C. 22/12/16 to Shipley
01/04/16 MANN Fred MANN Robert 9 Model Village 09/01/10 Infant Dept. 31/03/24 exempt
19/05/13 MARKLEW Kate MARKLEW Abel   Oakroyd 08/09/00 Private School 01/07/15 full age
01/04/16 MARRIOTT Irene MARRIOTT Richard 84 Model Village 12/04/09 Infant Dept. 13/07/23 exempt
01/04/16 MARRIOTT Richard MARRIOTT Richard 84 Model Village 29/09/07 Infant Dept. 24/12/20 exempt
10/08/15 MARSDEN John MARSDEN Thomas The Bottom 23/07/07 Newby C. 08/07/21 exempt
10/08/15 MARSDEN Margaret MARSDEN Thomas The Bottom 19/02/05 Newby C. 14/02/19 full age
10/08/15 04/04/17 MARSDEN Robert MARSDEN Thomas The Bottom 06/10/03 Newby C. 19/03/17 &15/10/1917 full age
10/01/16 26/02/17 MARTIN George MARTON George 101 Model Village 27/04/07 Kirkby C. 25/08/16 & 18/2/1919 to Westhouse
01/04/14 MASKEW Lily MASKEW Mary Hough Sreet 05/11/07 Infant Dept. 15/02/18 to Low Bentham
08/11/15 MASON Elsie MASON William 36 Model Village 04/11/04 Whinny Hill C. 10/03/16 to Leeds
15/12/13 MASON Thomas MASON Tom Paradise Row 02/05/05 Selside End 04/07/15 exempt
26/05/13 MEDLAND Jessie MEDLAND William Back Gate 21/03/06 Tickhill C. 26/06/14 to Tickhill
26/05/13 MEDLAND Thomas MEDLAND William Back Gate 21/06/04 Tickhill C. 26/06/14 to Tickhill
26/05/13 MEDLAND William MEDLAND William Back Gate 10/06/00 Tickhill C. 05/06/14 exempt
09/08/15 METCALFE George METCALFE Anthony Raber Top 26/10/04 Wolsingham C. 26/11/15 to Kirkby Lonsdale
23/11/14 METCALFE Hannah METCALFE Thomas Brick Row 06/12/06 Barnoldswick C. 08/01/15 to Barnoldswick
12/10/14 METCALFE Swinbank METCALFE George Manor House 28/02/04 Infant Dept. 19/08/21 exempt
02/12/13 METCALFE Thos. METCALFE Leonard New Road 11/05/00 Helwith Bridge 03/04/14 to Helwith Bridge
06/12/16 MEULEMAN Irma MEULEMAN Neel Blue Hall 06/10/08  Antwerp 07/12/17 exempt
06/12/16 MEULEMAN Victor MEULEMAN Neel Blue Hall 02/08/05 Antwerp 07/12/17 exempt
27/10/13 MILBURN Wm. MILLBURN Margaret Back Gate 12/05/07 Infant Dept. 20/08/15 to Burton in Lonsdale
30/11/16 MORRIS Agnes MORRIS James 38 Model Village 11/04/06 Burnley C. 02/07/20 full age
04/05/14 MORRIS Francis MORRIS Herbert T New Road 01/06/07 New Seaham c. 10/11/16 left district
4/5/194 MORRIS Herbert MORRIS Herbert T New Road 29/03/05 New Seaham c. 10/11/16 left district
30/11/16 MORRIS Joseph MORRIS James 38 Model Village 10/03/04 Burnley C. 07/03/18 exempt
06/10/15 MULHALL Gladys MULHALL George Yarlsber 20/06/04  Burnley St Mary’s 05/11/15 to Burnley
01/04/14 NELSON Ernest NELSON Joseph Brook House 21/10/06 Infant Dept. 24/12/20 exempt
01/04/16 01/04/19 NELSON Sydney NELSON Joseph Brook House 21/02/08 Infant Dept. 27/01/19 & 2/12/1921
17/05/15 NELSON William NELSON James Bell Horse Gate 27/03/04 Cowgill 24/03/16 to Sedbergh
01/04/15 NEWBOULD Arthur NEWBOULD Nathan Back Gate 29/08/07 Infant Dept. 24/12/20 exempt
01/04/15 NEWBY Robert NEWBY Nicholas Yarlsber 04/04/07 Infant Dept. 23/12/21 exempt
25/10/15 NORTH Ethel NORTH George 1 Model Village 06/01/04 Jackdale C. 09/01/18 full age
19/08/13 NUGENT Reginald NUGENT John Main Street 16/01/06 Long Preston 29/08/13 to Bentham
23/08/15 O’BRIEN Thomas O’BRIEN James Model Village 01/01/08 Accrington Cath. 08/10/16 to Accrington
14/06/15 12/08/18 PACKHAM Elena PACKHAM John Model Village 12/12/07 Eden ch. 12/08/20 to Settle Girls Sch
14/06/15 PACKHAM Wm. Hy. PACKHAM John Model Village 23/09/06 Eden Ch. 20/09/17 to Hutton Roof
19/05/13 PEARS Doris PEARS Annie High Street 05/12/00 Bowness ch. 22/01/15 exempt
19/05/13 PEARS Hilda PEARS Annie High Street 23/08/02 Bowness ch. 18/08/16 exempt
01/06/15 09/05/16 PICKUP Teena PICKUP Robert Back Gate 26/08/06 Clayton le Moors C 20/12/15 &7/7/1916 to Newcastle
27/09/15 15/09/20 POLLARD James POLLARD Albert Model Village 14/10/07 Burnley C 27/08/20 Dent & 18/11/1921 Ch-L-D
27/09/15 POLLARD Nora POLLARD Albert Model Village 18/09/05 Burnley C. 23/12/19 full age
01/04/14 PRESTON Henry PRESTON Robert Wilson Wood 08/02/07 Infant Dept. 24/03/21 exempt
01/04/15 PRESTON Mary PRESTON ELLEN Wilson Wood 12/04/08 Infant Dept. 14/07/22 exempt
  09/04/13 PRESTON Susannah PRESTON John Laugber End 28/04/02 Present school 30/05/13 to Coventry
11/01/15 01/04/19 PYE Lawrence PYE Lawrence Kingsdale Head 03/09/07 none 27/01/19 transferred to (—-?)
10/08/14 RAMWELL Ellen RAMWELL Matthew Broats Farm 29/06/05 Bentham Council 06/01/19 to Settle Girls High Sch
14/10/14 RAMWELL Lancelot RAMWELL Matthew Broats Farm 01/08/07 Infant Dept. 08/07/21 exempt
01/04/16 01/04/19 REDHEAD Mary REDHEAD Charles Park View 17/02/09 Infant Dept. 27/01/19 trans J&T? 31/3/1923 exm
01/04/14 REDHEAD Robert REDHEAD James Park View 19/10/07 Infant Dept. 23/12/21 exempt
01/04/15 RENSHAW Sylvia RENSHAW Thos. Back Gate 03/08/08 Infant Dept. 25/04/19 to Bradford
07/04/15 RILEY Vincent RILEY James Colliery Village 01/06/07 Infant Dept. 02/07/20 exempt
01/04/16 RISE Eric DANSON George The Brewery 04/05/09 Infant Dept. 31/03/19 to Leeds
10/08/14 08/03/15 ROBBINSON Winnie ROBBINSON Percy Back Gate 22/06/06 Lifton Church 04/07/19 to Devonshire
01/12/13 ROBERTSHAW Elsie ROBERTSHAW John C Main Street 08/07/05 Clapham Nat. 28/04/16 to Secondary Sch
07/04/15 ROBINSON John ROBINSON Robert Nut Stile 28/02/07 Infant Dept. 23/12/21 exempt
27/10/13 ROBINSON Margaret ROBINSON Robert Strand Cottages 15/05/06 Infant Dept. 02/07/20 full age
01/04/14 ROBINSON Mary ROBINSON Thomas Storrs Cottages 30/03/07 Infant Dept. 02/07/20 exempt
08/03/15 ROBINSON William ROBBINSON Percy Model Village 16/07/05 Westhouse C. 16/05/19 to Devonshire
01/04/15 ROBINSON Wm. ROBINSON Robert Strand Cottages 12/10/07 Infant Dept. 23/12/21 exempt
01/04/14 ROUTLEDGE Clifford ROUTLEDGE Wm. J Hollin Tree 12/06/07 Infant Dept. 24/12/20 K Lonsdale Girls
01/04/14 ROUTLEDGE Iris ROUTLEDGE Wm. J Hollin Tree 12/06/07 Infant Dept. 24/03/21 K Lonsdale Girls
01/04/15 RUCASTLE Gladys RUCASTLE Robert Lane House 12/11/06 Infant Dept. 24/12/20 exempt
12/04/15 SALISBURY Tom HEAPS Robert Colliery Village 09/11/03 Canada 09/11/17 full age
09/08/15 SALTER Elsie MARRIOTT Richard Model Village 22/11/03 Arkwright C. 10/11/15 exempt
29/06/14 SAUL Louis SAUL Wm. Hy. Back Gate 06/09/05 Kirkby Lonsdale N. 25/04/19 to Bentham Gr Sch
29/06/14 SAUL Marion SAUL Wm. Hy. Back Gate 06/06/03 Kirkby Lonsdale N. 08/06/17 full age
01/04/16 13/01/20 SEDGWICK Joseph SEDGWICK Joseph Main Street 18/11/08 Infant Dept. 27/01/19 & 22/12/1922 exempt
07/09/14 SEEALS Ada SEEALS George New Road 30/10/04 Dodsworth Coun. 24/09/14 to Dodworth
01/04/15 SHAW Charlotte SHAW Richard Storrs Cottages 03/08/08 Infant Dept. 14/07/22 exempt
01/04/16 SHERWIN Elsie SHERWIN Joseph Morton Terrace 03/07/09 Infant Dept. 01/03/17 to Burton in Lonsdale
01/04/14 SLINGER Edgar SLINGER William Conservative Club 23/06/07 Infant Dept. 02/07/20 exempt
01/04/14 SLINGER James SLINGER James Back Gate 01/08/07 Infant Dept. 24/12/20 exempt
01/04/15 SLINGER John SLINGER Wm. White Hall 07/12/08 Infant Dept. 08/07/21 KL Gr School
15/03/15 SMITH Amy SMITH Joseph Back Gate 13/03/04 Cleckheaton C. 15/03/18 full age
09/08/15 SMITH Hilda SMITH John Model Village 21/11/04 Jacksdale c. 25/10/18 exempt
01/04/16 02/02/20 SMITH Mary SINGLETON Harry ClarrickTerrace 01/10/05 Infant Dept. 23/01/20 full age 28/5/1920 exem
01/04/15 STEVENSON Barbara STEVENSON Reuben Pemberton 16/01/08 Infant Dept. 20/04/16 to Kippax
26/05/13 STONE Maria STONE Charles Back Gate 03/09/03 Giggleswick C. 31/08/17 full age
27/10/13 STONE Sarah STONE Fred. Back Gate 04/11/05 Infant Dept. 05/12/19 full age
29/11/15 14/08/16 STOREY Charles STOREY Frank 15 Model Village 17/09/06 Sandhill C. 10/03/16 to Burton in Lonsdale
01/04/14 TAYLOR Ella NOBLE Anthony Witton Cottage 15/10/07 Infant Dept. 15/04/21 exempt
01/04/13 TEMPLETON Mildred TEMPLETON George Lytham Terrace 18/12/05 Infant Dept. 23/12/19 full age
19/05/13 TEMPLETON Thos. TEMPLETON George Lytham Terrace 12/09/04 Lancaster Nat. 28/08/15 to Lancaster
27/10/13 TENNANT John TENNANT Ann The Square 16/01/08 Infant Dept. 31/03/22 exempt
27/10/13 THISTLETHWAITE Lucy THISTLETHWAITE Wm. Greta Villas 24/09/07 Infant Dept. 24/03/21 Settle Girls High
01/04/14 TOMLINSON Edna TOMLINSON Ed. Lemon Cottages 12/05/08 Infant Dept. 14/07/22 exempt
01/04/14 TOMLINSON Leslie TOMLINSON Edward Lemon Cottages 28/02/08 Infant Dept. 31/03/20 exempt
01/04/16 01/04/19 UDALL Agnes UDALL Alfred The Bottom 27/09/09 Infant Dept. 27/01/19 trans to J&T? 11/1/24 ex
01/04/14 UDALL Frances UDALL Alfred The Bottom 28/04/07 Infant Dept. 08/07/21 exempt
01/04/16 VARLEY Annie VARLEY Ernest 93 Model Village 23/01/09 Infant Dept. 17/11/16 to Leeds
24/01/16 VARLEY Harry VARLEY Ernest 93 Model Village 24/03/06 Highgate C. 17/11/16 to Leeds
01/04/14 WALKER John WALKER Edward The Bank 27/02/07 Infant Dept. 24/03/21 exempt
29/11/15 14/08/16 WARNER John E WARNER George 17 Model Village 31/03/07 Moorthorpe C. 10/03/16 to Burton in Lonsdale
18/01/16 WARREN Arthur WARREN Eliz. 18 Model Village 27/09/09 South Kirkby 17/03/16 left district
18/01/16 WARREN Eliz. WARREN Eliz. 18 Model Village 06/04/05 South Kirkby 17/03/16 left district
18/01/16 WARREN Thos. Wm. WARREN Eliz. 18 Model Village 17/03/06 South Kirkby 17/03/16 left district
01/04/16 WATSON Lily WATSON Gladstone 108 Model Village 16/06/09 Infant Dept. 24/01/19 to Grimethorpe
06/12/16 WHEELDON John WHEELDON Joseph 13 Model Village 29/11/06 Goldthorpe C. 23/12/19 exempt
06/12/16 WHEELDON Mary WHEELDON Joseph 13 Model Village 24/01/06 Goldthorpe C. 24/01/19 exempt
06/12/16 WHEELDON Thos. WHEELDON Joseph 13 Model Village 15/01/03 Goldthorpe C. 12/01/17 full age
06/02/16 WHITE Vernon R WHITE Charles 68 Model Village 03/11/07 Goldthorpe C. 29/06/17 to Castleford
27/09/15 13/08/17 WHITFORD Tom WHITFORD Thomas Model Village 23/05/07 Burnley C. 17/11/16 Burnley & 8/7/1921 exm
01/04/13 WHITTAKER Eliz. GARDNER Eliz. Moss Well 12/03/05 Infant Dept. 31/03/19 full age
07/01/15 WILCOCK Horace WILCOCK R Wm. Colliery Village 01/04/03 Low Bentham C. 02/03/17 exempt
27/10/13 WILKINSON Dorothy WILKINSON Wm. Park View 25/05/05 Infant Dept. 01/09/16 Settle Girls Sec.
02/02/14 WILKINSON Fred WILKINSON James The Bottom 24/05/02 Sunderland C. 19/08/15 exempt
01/04/15 WILKINSON John WILKINSON Wm. Park View 10/08/08 Infant Dept. 25/04/19 to Kirkby Gr Sch
02/02/14 WILKINSON Lily WILKINSON James The Bottom 05/08/06 Sunderland C. 02/07/20 full age
17/01/16 WILLIAMS Eliz. WILLIAMS Harry 76 Model Village 19/04/09 Burnley St Steph. 18/01/16 to Infant Dept
01/04/16 09/01/22 WILSON Clara WILSON Wm. Strand Cottages 11/05/09 Infant Dept. 13/06/19 to Barlick 13/7/23 ex
01/04/14 WILSON Mary WILSON James Strand Cottages 14/08/07 Infant Dept. 23/12/21 exempt
24/11/13 07/01/18 WILSON Wilfred WILSON Wm. Strand Cottages 03/04/05 Barnoldswick 17/08/17 to Dalton & 4/7/1919 exm
01/11/15 WOLSTENHOLME Rose WOLSTENHOLME John The Winning 09/09/07 Clayton C. 24/12/20 exempt
01/04/14 WOODS Hannah WOODS Thomas Park View 04/08/07 Infant Dept. 08/07/21 exempt

Ingleton National School Logbook Extracts From January 1900 to November 1902

Held at North Yorkshire Record Office at Northallerton

Catalogue reference S/INT3/1


 8th January Admitted A Barlow and R Preston

16th March J Parrington suffered a fit in school this morning, sent him home.

2nd April H Tate asked permission if she could stay at home as her mother is not well.

6th April Sent a note to enquire if E Slinger could not come to school.  Received a certificate from the Doctor to certify that James Nash is at present too ill to come to school.

26th April Punished Charles King for throwing stones.  Percy Hoson came to school this afternoon at 3.30pm.  Sent a note to inform his mother.

27th April Sent to enquire reason for absence of S Procter and W Dinsdale.  They were both of them sick.

1st May H Tate was transferred to the mixed dept. 

4th May Ten new scholars admitted this week.

7th May Minnie Briscoe commenced her duties as monitress in this department.  Admitted one boy and five girls.

16th May Percy Howson came too late to complete his attendance.  Admitted H Birkett.

22nd May The children had a day’s holiday yesterday to celebrate the Relief of Mafeking.

24th May Had to send James and George Metcalfe home as they had been caught in a severe hailstorm and were wet through.

11th June admitted H Monk.

14th June Minnie Briscoe was away from school this morning ill.

15th June Sent monitress to bring J Saul.  He would not come with his sister.

20th June Admiited M Fletcher and Sarah Berry this week.

28th June Mrs Frankland came to say the Doctor had advised her not to send John to school as he is afraid the boy is developing whooping cough.

6th July Mr Walling sent sweets to be distributed among the children.

31st August E and G Hudson are away suffering with whooping cough.

4th September H Foster coming into collision with E Barker was knocked against the playground wall and had his head badly cut.  Sent him home under the care of the monitress.

5th September Gave a half days holiday for the Annual West Riding Sheepdog trials which were held here.

7th September Punished E Slinger for staying away from school when sent.

13th September Eric Capstick fainted during the Object lesson this morning.  After he had recovered sent him home in charge of E Slinger.

28th September Had to send Harry Lupton home as he was ill.

15th October The Revd. J Turner informed the mistress that Esther Barker had left the school.  Admitted Mary and Martin Bell this morning.

24th October Oscar Boardman came too late to complete his attendance.  Sent Muriel Bentham home as her nose bled very badly.

22nd November Mrs Kilburn kindly presented a large cushion to the school. 

23rd November The Revd. J Turner presented Scripture Prizes to Doris Haynes, Violet Fletcher, Charles Metcalfe and John Frankland.  Punished V Hudson for stealing a chair from S Berry.

5th December HH Robinson was extremely sick in school.  Afterwards he fell asleep.

14th December A farmer named Metcalfe withdrew his child from school at 3.30 this afternoon without asking permission.


18th January Received notice that Wm. and Albert Barlow and Jas. Miller have left the district.

22nd January James Walker slipped on the school floor and cut his open his chin.  Sent him home under the care of his sister.

7th February J Bell came to school to ask mistress to excuse his little son for being very late.

12th February Received notice that Ethel and George Hudson have left the district.

22nd February Have admitted Lily and Elsie Routledge this week.

25th February Admitted Mary Alice Fletcher.

4th March Readmitted Bertha Wearing.

3rd April Sent a note to Mrs Bonnick to enquire as to Mary’s absence.

5th April C Metcalfe and A Dixon being very late to school were punished.

10th April Readmitted E and H Hudson this morning.  Gave the children a half days holiday as the new Institute was to be opened.

21st April Sent to ask reasons for M Bonnick’s absence.  She was suffering with toothache.

26th April Punished M Marklew for severely punching a girl’s cheek.

3rd June Admitted T Bingley.

10th June P Howson, D Boardman and W McKay attended too late to complete attendance.

19th June T Bingley came too late to complete his attendance.  R Tomlinson being prevented from attending school at present through measles being in the house.

21st June Punished Wm Preston severely for throwing dirty water at the monitress.

8th July Kept Vincent Metcalfe in for coming too late to complete his attendance.

19th August M Briscoe absent from school all day.  An Infant Mistress from Sale asked to look through the school.  She thought the children would never ail anything in this bracing air.

18th October Admitted MA Singleton this week.

23rd October Oscar Boardman, during playtime threw a lighted match which alighted onto E Lee’s pinafore and burned a hole in it.  Warned the children not to strike matches.

1st November Received notice that J Saul has left the district.

6th November Sent James Wilson home at 3.15 as he had fell ill.

8th November Had to punish a little girl for throwing stones.

2nd December Sent J Wilson home as he had fell ill.  

6th December The Revd J Turner visited, warned Mr Walling that Mrs Heaps said her little boy was covered with a rash.

19th December Mr Turner distributed prizes for Religious Knowledge to Walter Mackay, Edward Heaps, Annie Marsden and Ellen Kilburn.


29th January Whilst snowballing before school G Metcalfe chanced to pick up some snow which held a stone.  This he threw at R Brookes and cut his eyebrow with it.

20th February MA Fletcher bruised her brow severely with rushing against another child in the playground.

7th March Readmitted J Saul this week.

14th March Had to send G Metcalfe home as he was very sick in the afternoon.

27th March Received notice that R and E Tomlinson have left the district.

11th April Sent J Wadeson home as she was not well.

1st May Admitted J Fletcher and E Foster.  Monitress Briscoe (candidate) was transferred to the Mixed Department and Gladys Haynes entered upon her duties as Monitress in the Infants Department.

16th May Have admitted R Lindsey.

2nd June Peace having been declared between England and The Transvaal the children were given holiday to commemorate the event.

13th June J and F Walker came too late to complete their attendance.

18th June A Ayton and T Walker went home again as they could not open the school door.

26th June Owing to the King’s serious illness the children were not given holiday at morning school, but the other holiday was given as had been arranged.

26th September Thrashed Joe Fletcher for throwing a girl’s bonnet on the roof.

3rd October Punished John Wadeson for stealing toffee from the shelf.

16th October Punished J and T Walker for not coming to school when they were sent.

5th November James Metcalfe, Richard Preston and Elsie Bradley were given prizes for their proficiency in Religious Knowledge.