Otley Methodists Amateur Dramatics

These photographs are believed to come from the Primitive Methodist Church which was situated on Station Road in Otley. It closed around 1965.

Back row:  George Brearcliffe, Herbert Rigg,  ?  , Arthur chaffer, Jimmy Trotter,

Seated:  Mary Pope, Rita Walker,  Joan Moxon, Norma Hodgson,  ?  , Mavis Hodgson

Ladies Play 1940s

Back Row:  Mrs Daley, Lily Craven, Vera Parker, Sally Craven, Mrs Tiffany. Lily Stephenson, Mrs Atkinson, Ellen Jones, Florrie Brearcliffe

Seated:  Ethel Briggs, Mrs Shearsmith, Cora Thirlby, Molly Ogle, Marian Bartle, Hilda Hartley

Seated on floor:  Joan Moxon, Barbara Atkinson

Back row:  Elsie Clapham, Vera Parker, Doreen Chaffer, Cora Thurlby, Ellen Jones, Florrie Brearcliffe, Mrs Stephenson, Molly Ogle, Florrie Brearcliffe

Front row:  Ethel Briggs, Edie Brookes, Hilda Hartley, Mrs Shearsmith, Joyce Spencer, Margaret Scott, Christine Carter, Marian Bartle.

Otley Methodist Sunday School Register of Teachers 1933

Superintendent   Mr GE Aldersley                       Mr LS Lucas        

Asst Mr RJ Oliver

Secretary             Mr Wilfred Skipper

                               Mr Cyril Kelley

                               Mr Reg Hey

Boys Teachers

Senior Boys        Mr E Johnson                     Mr Stafford Lucas

Class 1                   Mr WT Good                      Mr Arthur Storey

Class 2                   Mr H Edwards                    Mr Henry Edwards

Class 3                   Mr HB Saunders               Mr Donald Good

Class 4                   Mr A Gray                           Mr Arthur Wilson

Class 5                   Mr Wilfred Harrison

Class 6                   Mr HA Mackie                   Mr Alan Wright

Class 7                   Mr A Brooks                      

Class 8                   Mr N Mainprize                Mr Eddie Atkinson

Mr H Bradford

Girls Teachers

Senior Girls         Miss Turnbull                     Mrs Glanville

Class 1                   Mrs Oliver                           Miss Rhodes

Class 2                   Miss SA Vickers                  Miss Harrison

Class 3                   Mrs Constance                  Miss Oliver

Class 4                   Miss Bankcroft                   Miss Mountain 

Class 5                   Miss A Lawson                  Miss E Lawson

Class 6                   Miss G Woolley                 Miss M Dykes

Class 7                   Miss W Wood                   Miss L Holgate                                    

Class 8                   Miss E Hannam                 Miss D Hopcraft

Class 9                   Miss A Fletcher                 Miss E Spence

Class 10                Miss Jessie Holgate         Miss E Wood

Accompanist      Miss Lawson

Accompanist      Miss Bartle

Librarian             Mr W Aldersley                 Mr F Butterfield

Registrar              Mr H Jackson                    

Registrar              Mr J Holgate          

It appears there were teachers for morning and afternoon classes but the register does not differentiate