Thornton in Lonsdale Girls & Westhouse Endowed Boys National School Logbook Extracts Jan 1889 to Jan 1892

Held at North Yorkshire Record Office

Catalogue Reference S/TNL1/1


4th January Admitted Alice Capstick aged 6 years and eight months, who has not attended any school and does not know the letters of the alphabet.  Also admitted Charlotte Kineen.

28th January Admitted William Lamb Clarkson

4th March Charlotte Kineen and Ada and Violet Gornall have left the school today because their parents are leaving the neighbourhood.

12th March Admitted George Everard Poole.

18th March Mary E Ewan came today after an absence of three weeks caused by illness.  Alice Capstick has been ill for three weeks and is still too unwell to attend school.

3rd May E Wrathall has been absent all the week owing to a severe cold and sickness.

6th May Admitted Ernest Edgar Brown, an infant aged three.

13th May Admitted Annie Phizacherley.

20th May Edward Ayrton returned today after an absence of five weeks caused by illness.

3rd June Admitted John Henry Hawke.

21st June Gave holiday in the afternoon so that Mrs Hodgson may begin to clean the schoolhouse.

5th August Nine children have left the school, four to work at home, 2 too delicate to attend and 3 are to attend Burton Boys School.

6th August Admitted Lucy Thomas and Horace Johnson.

12TH August Admitted Grace Scott.

13th August Admitted Olive Hodgson.

21st August Admitted William Martin

29th August Lucy Thomas and Horace Johnson have left this school.  They have been staying at Westhouse with their grandfather for a short time and so attended this school.  They have now left the neighbourhood.

 6th September Eliz. Ellen Brown has been poorly all week.  Eliz.  A Shuttleworth has been kept at home all week to work and Tom Brown has not attended the school for three weeks.  Annie Phizacherley has left the school, she has been living with her grandparents and has now gone to Bradford to live with her aunt.

29th October Admitted Julia Helen Woodard, an infant aged four.  She is the daughter of a lady staying in the neighbourhood and will probably attend until Christmas.

1st November Julia Woodard attended the school three times and was only once present when the registers were marked.  I asked Mrs Woodard to see that her little girl came to school in time to be marked present but she was offended that her child was expected to conform to the rules and she has taken her child from the school.

4th November Admitted Herbert Edward and Stephen Capstick.

11th November Readmitted Alice Capstick.  She has been absent since 22nd February suffering from an abscess.


 17th January Elizabeth Wrathall has been absent all the week because her mother was ill.

17th February Admitted George Henry Levitt.

3rd March Admitted James Capstick.

7th March Grace Scott left the school because her parents are leaving the neighbourhood.

28th April Admitted William Herbert Armitstead.

29th April Readmitted Alice Capstick.

2nd May Florence Levitt left the school.

3rd June Mrs Warwick, Miss Whittingdale and Miss Chapman visited the school in the afternoon and inspected the needlework and decided to whom the prizes for the best needlework should be given.

18th June M Ayrton left the school.

4th August Readmitted George Poole and admitted Jane Richardson.  Alexina Atkinson commenced duties as monitress at this school.

5th August Admitted Isabel Ayrton and readmitted Margaret Ayrton.

11th August Readmitted Jane and Frederick Bartle who are staying in the neighbourhood.  Admitted Ernest Bartle.

2nd September Edward, Dora and Isabel Ayrton are absent today and I have heard that a younger child has the Scarlet Fever so that the abovementioned children will not be able to attend the school for some time.  Frank Bainbridge attended the school after a month’s absence.  He has been at home to help make the hay.

24th September Lambert, William and Bertie Brown are staying at home by Dr Griffiths orders because their father is very ill with typhoid fever.

7th October Admitted George Nelson on the 6th.  Alexina Atkinson ill yesterday and obliged to go home in the morning.

24TH October Jane, Fred and Ernest Bartle have left the school because their father has removed from the parish.

3rd November Admitted Walter Bowlerwell.

10th November Admitted Alice, Mary Elizabeth and Robert Dawson.

17th November Admitted Catherine Charlotte Agatha Windle who has come to live with her grandmother at Westhouse for a few weeks.

8th December Alice Capstick and George Poole have been ill all week and absent from school and Jane Whitfield was ill three days.


12th January Admitted Mary Alice Lee, Tom Whaley and John William Dawson.

16th January Bertie, Stephen and Alice Capstick leave school on Friday afternoon before receiving two hours secular instruction and in consequence their attendances for the afternoon are cancelled.  These children live a great distance from the school and board and lodge in the village during the week and return home on Friday afternoons and are obliged to leave early in order to reach home before dark. 

6th April Admitted Harry Fawcett and Towers Atkinson.

11th May Lizzie Carr has been kept at home all the week to help her mother.  Walter Bowlerworth is away from home and William Brown has been ill all the week.

25th May Admitted Daisy Shuttleworth aged eight years.

26th May Admitted Annie Drinhall aged six years, who does not know her alphabet.

29th May William Brown continues to be very ill.  Edward & Phyllis Ayrton are suffering from influenza.  Arthur Whaley, Agnes Brown and John Hawke are ill and supposed to be suffering from the influenza.

3rd June Edward Ayrton and Arthur Whaley returned to school, they both seem weak.  Phyllis Ayrton and John Hawke are both too ill to attend.   Annie Drinhall and George Levitt are also ill.

8TH June Eliabeth Carr left the school.  She has passed the 7th standard and has left the school to help her mother with the work of the household.

15th June Walter Bowlerwell has left the school.  He has been staying for some months with an aunt at Ingleton and has now returned to his parents at Kendall.

17TH August John H Hawke has left the school because his parents have left the neighbourhood.  Herbert Capstick has left the school and is now attending Ingleton National School.  Admitted John Richardson, an infant aged 5 years.

24th August Admittted Roger Parker, Martha and Agnes Mc Cumshay, Edmund Capstick and Martha Annie Parker.

31st August Admitted Thomas and John Fawcett.

4th September John Farrer has not attended the school since the midsummer vacation.  He is kept at home to help make hay.  Bertie Brown has been very ill and has not attended the school since the 17th August.  Edmund Capstick has been absent all this week through sickness.

7th September Martha and Agnes McCumshay have left the school because their parents have removed to Ingleton.

11th September John & Mary Ellen Farrer have been absent all this week.  Bertie Brown is not yet strong enough to attend the school.  Ernest E Brown has been absent all the week, he has gone to Bradford to visit a brother.

16th September John Farrer returned to school after a month’s absence.

9th October Alice Capstick has been absent all this week suffering with a severe cold.  Jenny Mitton has been absent two weeks because she has a ringworm on her head.

23rd October Readmitted Walter Bowlerwell on Tuesday.

6th November Stephen Capstick and Harry Fawcett have been absent all week because they have severe colds.

4th December Alice Capstick has been ill all week and absent from school.

11th December Alice, Stephen and Edward Capstick have been absent all week because they have severe colds.

18th December Arthur Whaley and Martha Annie Parker have been absent all week because they have severe colds.


11th January Alice, Stephen and Edward Capstick have left the school because their parents have removed to a farm near Skipton.