Cononley Grocers/Shopkeepers

From the Hodgson Collection held at Skipton Local Studied Library

John HOGARTH – listed in White’s directory 1838 as one of two shopkeepers in Cononley, (the other one was Thomas LAYCOCK).   In Pigot’s Directory 1841, he is listed along with 10 others as Grocer and Dealer in Sundries.  In White’s Directory 1854 he is again listed with 10 others, only two of them are the same as the 1841 list.

William & Ellen AYRTON – William Ayrton is first listed in Pigot’s Directory 1841 as a Grocer and Dealer in Sundries.  He is listed in Slater’s directory of 1849 and in White’s 1854.  In Slater’s 1855 Directory he is listed twice under the headings Grocer and as Linen & Woollen Draper.   William Ayrton died in 1862 and was buried at Kildwick on 4th March aged 63 years.  The business was carried on after his death by his widow Ellen who is listed in the 1867 and 1872 editions of Kelly’s Post Office Directory.  Ellen Ayrton was buried with her husband at Kildwick 4th January 1875.  Their shop was at what is now 94 Main Street.  William Ayrton was born at Marsden, Lancs and his wife at Colne.

Daniel CARPENTER  – Listed in Pigot’s Directory of 1841 as Grocer – Cononley.    The 1841  Census records him as residing in King Street Cononley, Shopkeeper.  Slater’s directory of 1849 does not list him.  He died in July 1852 and was buried at Kildwick on 9th July aged 84 years.

Richard LANE – Listed in Pigot’s directory of 1841 as Grocer – Cononley.  No trace can be found of a person of this name in the 1841 Census for Cononley or in Kildwick Parish Church.

Thomas PEEL – Listed in Pigot’s Directory of 1841 and Slater’s Directory of 1849 as Grocer & Dealer- Cononley.  He is recorded in the 1841 Census “Independent”, possibly in what is now known as Gordon House.  In the 1851 Census he is recorded as a widower aged 77 “Proprietor of houses”, i.e. houses in Gordon Terrace formerly known as “Peels Fold”.  In neither of the Census is mention made of his trading as a Grocer although the “Bide” door of this house along the passageway to Gordon Terrace may have possibly been a shop.  Thomas Peel died aged 80 and was buried at Kildwick 29th March 1854.  In the baptism of his children he is described as Weaver later as Manufacturer.   In the above 1841 & 1849 directories he also has an entry as “Stuff Manufacturer – Cononley”.

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