Horsforth Cragg Hill Baptist Church

By Stanley Merridew

When I visited the church to record the War Memorial, the Pastor Geoff King, mentioned that they had archive records of the history of the church.  Naturally I took the opportunity to borrow it and came up with many items of interest to us.   Much of this material can be added to our existing publication “Horsforth Non-Conformist Records.” Here is one example:-



11TH & 12TH September 1915

inside front cover:

“Presented to Annie Hall by the Officers and Teachers of the School Dec 1915”

Past Superintendents: James Pratt, Ruth Robinson, William Smith, John Bateson, Joseph Parker, John Robinson, Nathaniel Claughton, Edmund Ward, J. Alfred Jones, Benjamin Fawcett, Jonas Briggs.

Present Officers: Alfred Bannister, Ernest Bannister, Wm Henry Potter (Pastor), Harold Holdsworth.

Photographs of all the above were included but insufficient space allows me to include them here.  If you would like copies please let me know.

The following is a list, we believe a complete one – of those who have served in the office of Superintendent, in order of their election to service:

1 William Walton

2 Thomas Lawson

3 Joseph Smith

4 Mary Stables

5 Ruth Robinson

6 William Smith

7 John Batison (sic)

8 James Pratt

9 Joseph Parker

10 Alfred Bannister

11 John Robinson

12 Nathaniel Claughton

13 Benjamin Fawcett

14 Edmund Ward

15 Jonas Briggs

16 J Alfred Jones

17 John Lister

Of those remaining with us three are feeble health – one has left Horsforth and two are still in harness and doing valiant service.


Rev. WH Potter President, Mr A Bannister Superintendent, Mr J Lister Superintendent,              Mr E Bannister Treasurer, Mr E Carr, Mr W Clayton, Mr S Cooper, Mr W Hallam, Mr A Holdsworth, Mr H Holdsworth Secretary, Mr F James, Mr L Mollitt, Mr R Shearer, Mr M Stewart, Mr W Waterhouse Primary School Teacher, Mrs W Clayton, Mrs W Gibson, Mrs R Shearer, Miss E Murgatroyd, Miss A Murphy, Miss D Wood, Miss Heathcote Organist, Mr E Lister Organist, Mr C Bateson Class Secretary, Mr R Hallam Class Secretary, Miss D Stewart Primary Superintendent, Mr A Swift Primary Superintendent, Miss C Lupton Primary Secretary, Miss J Mollitt Superintendent Beginners Dept.,

Primary Helper: Miss A Hall, Miss B Hallam, Miss I Hey, Miss D Pollard, Miss A Proctor Miss M Stewart, Miss A Taylor,

Hon. Teachers: Mrs Heywood, Miss Kaye, Mr A Allen.

Alas no indication of who is shown on the photograph.

It is gratifying to record the names of those friends, still with us, who have served the School as Officers and Teachers for over twenty years.  The good example is a stimulus to others to follow on.  The names are (we hope the list is complete)-

1 Miss Hutton 47 years                                        2 Mr J Pratt about 45 years

3 Mr A Bannister 42 years                                   4 Mr B Fawcett 39 years

5 Mrs Heyward 35 years (nee Miss Thomas) 6 Mr Lister 27 years

7 Mr W Hallam 24 years                                      8 Miss Kaye 22 years

We have today in the Senior and Intermediate School a staff of 28 officers and teachers and 140 scholars, also a splendid primary department with 11 officers, helpers and 50 scholars.A complete copy of the brochure has been deposited at Horsforth Museum.