Horsforth National School Logbook Extracts 1917/1918


4th June School reopened after one weeks holiday.

The following children have left the school:

Willie PALMER gone to work

Alfred CAMMACK gone to work

Louie LEAF gone to work

Jessie WILKINSON attending Henderson’s Institute in Leeds

3rd September School reopened after 4 week’s holiday.  Mary CRIBB, Emily TEALE, Rosie GOODHEAD, Alan HENSON left the school to take up attendance at Secondary Schools or Business Institutes.

Willie DiIBB gone to work full time.  Mabel ALLINSON, Austin ALLINSON admitted to Featherbank CS

Douglas BROUGHTON, 21 2 10 admitted form the Infants Dept.


9th May Received notification from the Education Dept County Hall Wakefield that the following children have qualified for admission to the further later stages of the  examination for County Minor Scholarships (Entrance) and Intending Teacher Scholarships as a result of their work at the Written Examination held on February 16th last:

County Minor Scholarships Entrance

Norman MIDGLEY, Chas. Howard NAYLOR, Jane M NEWTON, Thos. E LEEMING, Eric NUNNS, Ada  W JOHNSON, Margaret G LOCHORE, Winifred YOUNG

Intending Teacher Scholarships

Gerald HARDAKER, Edward HOGG, Emmie L PRESTON, Harold NUNNS, Edith HICKINSON, Kathleen HIXON, failed to pass the written examination

2nd September 1918 The following have left the school for the reason given:

Harold NUNNS Scholarship Woodhouse Grove School

Gerald HARDAKER County Minor Scholarship

Edward HOGG County Minor Scholarship

Howard NAYLOR County Minor Scholarship

Emmie PRESTON County Minor Scholarship

Jane NEWTON County Minor Scholarship

Edwin CLARKE Clark’s College Leeds

Edith HICKINSON Clark’s College Leeds

Winnie JOHNSON Clark’s College Leeds

Albert DUNWELL Exempt

Edward HANDFORD Exempt

Clara HALL Exempt

Doirs KNAPTON Exempt

Reginald LIGHT School for Defective Children

Hilda SMITH School for Defective Children

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