Horsforth National School Logbook Extracts 1923/24

8th February Miss MM Allan, School doctor visited the school today assisted by Nurse Winterburn.

29th March Joseph Barnes finished his duties today as school cleaner.  Owing to the crowded state of the school the West Riding Education Committee has informed the School Managers that the usual practice of promoting children from the Infants dept., will not take place this year.  Consequently the classes have been divided into six classes.  These classes are:

                Boys      Girls       for 1st April 1923

Class 1   20           24           Mr Thos. H Warren          C

Class 2   26           22           Miss M Grimshaw            C

Class 3   19           27           Mrs HA Hancock               U

Class 4   26           19           Miss Nellie Murgatroyd C

Class 5   28           25           Miss Marion Waller         C

Class 6   26           27           Miss Elsie Hickleton         C Trained Bingley TC

                                                Miss Emma Lilian Preston St T

                                                David W Smith                   HT Trained St Mark’s Chelsea

9th April Received notice that three children hose fourteenth birthday occurred during last week’s holiday are exempt from further attendance: Albert Whitham, Sam Hutchinson, Millie Rhodes. 

Mr Wm Hogg, Church View, Off Town commenced duties as School Cleaner.

15th April County Minor Scholarship Examination held 16th February – Received notification from the Education Dept. WRCC the undermentioned children have passed have passed the written examination.  Those marked with an X are asked to attend Yeadon & Guiseley Secondary School on various dates to undergo an Oral Examination:

Pearson Clifford

X Long Harold

Hartley Dick

X Whitehead George

X Oxley Jack

X Willoughby Jack

Allinson Leslie

X Cooper Leslie

Bellingham Horace

Thompson Stanley

Gedge Lesllie

Payne Henry

X Hatfield Marion

Gaunt Eva

Rhodes Majorie

Gee Constance M

X Gaines Annie

26th April Whole day’s holiday given, marriageof Duke of York and Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon.

28th May Mirs Nellie Murgatroyd has been granted two weeks leave of absence without salary.  Her husband has been away in India for more than three years and Mrs Murgatroyd wants to spend a week or two with him on the Continent.   Miss Mary Alice Hallday has been engaged as Supply Teacher and takes Class 4.  Finished 8th June.

6th June Result of the award of scholarships published this morning in the Yorkshire Post:

The under mentioned have gained scholarships:

Clifford Pearson

Dick Hartley

George Whitehead

Jack Oxley

Leslie Allinson

Hor. Bellingham

Stanley Thompson

Leslie Gedge

Henry Payne

Eva Gaunt

Mary Rhodes

Const. M Gee

Annie Gaines

7th September During the week several promotions have been made, one reason for this is the admission of children from the infants dept. Names of children promoted:

To Sixth Class To Fifth Class To Fourth Class
Sam Mawson Walter Robinson Hedley Giles
Kenneth Coupland George Braithwaite Felix Lambert
Frank Bentley Harry Ingham Alan Whitham
Elsie Jackson Roy Dickinson Philip Craven
Eva Shearer Charlotte Fawcett Dennis Hayes
Hilda Owen Elsie Pemberton Edward Green
Joan Bolton Margery Townsend George Geldart
Norah Shearer Kathleen Cuss
Nellie Gaines Gladys Pemberton
Georgina Pullan Annie Stockhill
Kathleen Rawson
Florence Liddan
To Third Class To Second  Class To First (top) Class
Johnnie Lawson Leslie Hallam Leslie Cooper
Harry Child Wilfred Hixon Sydney Dickinson
Richd Thompson Leonard Lee Henry Clay
Jack Batty Fred Walker Sydney Gedge
Stanley Cooper Jane Baines Jack Giles
Ernest Stead Irene Mawson Jas. Arth. Jackson
Wm Greig Amy Radcliffe George Whitehead
Ernest Bentley Phyllis Whitham
Norman Millar Maud Mawson
Mary Hall Gertrude Britton
Lily Louth Dorothy Hadwin
Edith E. Collins

Staff      1st class Mr TH Warren                   36

                2nd Class Mrs M Grimshaw           38

                3rd Class Mrs HA Hancock              44

                4th Class Mrs N Murgatroyd         46

                5th Class Miss M Waller                  51

                6th Class Miss Elsie Hickinson       51

St 1 Teaher Miss Emma L Preston to 14h September after which dateshe proceeds to Bingley Training College.  Signed DW Smith Head Teacher

28th September Mirs Nellie Murgatroyd finished work in this school as Assistant Mistress. Her husband having obtained a position in Toronto for which city they sail on 12 October.

1st October Miss Emily Exley commenced work as Temporary Assistant Teacher.

22nd October Richard Norris left the school to return to his home in Starbeck.

2nd November Mr FE Sharp who has been appointed to the headmastership of this school spent part of the day here.

9th November Miss Emily Exley finished her work here as Assistant Teacher (Supply).

12th November Miss Janette Bachelor, The Old Vicarage, BIlton in Ainsty commenced her duties as Assistant Mistress.  She is a trained CA Bingley TC 1921-23 and takes charge of the 4th Class.

17th November a final reunion of the Old Scholars was held in St Margaret’s Hall , over 300 being present………………After the Vicar’s opening remarks I was presented with an illuminated autograph book containing the names of 700 subscribers.

30th November  I am now concluding my last as headmaster of the Horsforth National School haing served from 2nd February 1885 until 30th November 1923………..DW SMITH

29th February Mr Wm. Hogg, Caretaker, has tendered one month’s resignation today. 

31st March Mr Wm. Hogg, Caretaker, ceased his duties today.

1st April Mr J Foster commenced his duties as school caretaker.  New registers opened.  43 children admitted from the Infants dept. and have been placed in Std 2

Class                      standard              teacher  

1                              Ex V11                   Head teacher      12

2                              V11                        Mr TH Warren   52

3                              V1                           Miss E Dickinson 45

4                              V                             Mrs Hancock       47

5                              1V                           Miss Bachelor      45

6                              111                         Miss Waller           53

7                              11                           Mrs Grimshaw    43

9th April Mrs Hancock absent this afternoon to attend the funeral of a relative.

28th April The WR Authority has asked for reports on two more scholarship candidates, Jane Barnes and Irene Burrrough.

29th April Letter received from Divisional Clerk granting Ralph Thompson exemption from school having reached the age of fourteen and obtained employment.

12th May Letter received granting exemption to May child and Eva Robinson from 9th May 1924 and to Daisy White head from 23rd May 1924.

23rd May Letter received granting exemption to Elsie Marsden and Annie Preston.

30th May Exemption from attendance granted to Reginald Conn and Herbert Bartley.

17th June Mrs Hancock is absent today to attend the funeral of her father-in-law.

25th July Miss Bachelor left school today to attend course of instruction in London, a week’s leave of absence with pay having been granted.

1st September The following children have gained County Minor Scholarships:

Leslie Cooper, Jack Giles, Sydney Coupland, Dorothy Dibb, Dorothy Watson, Sydney Dickinson, Leslie Hallam, Wilfred Hixon, Mary Batterbee, Gertrude Britton, Jane Barnes, Irene Burrough, Dorothy Dickiinson, Stella Firth. 

Woodhouse Grove Secondary School Ralph Moss, Edward Clay.

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