Ingleton National School Logbook Extracts From January 1900 to November 1902

Held at North Yorkshire Record Office at Northallerton

Catalogue reference S/INT3/1


 8th January Admitted A Barlow and R Preston

16th March J Parrington suffered a fit in school this morning, sent him home.

2nd April H Tate asked permission if she could stay at home as her mother is not well.

6th April Sent a note to enquire if E Slinger could not come to school.  Received a certificate from the Doctor to certify that James Nash is at present too ill to come to school.

26th April Punished Charles King for throwing stones.  Percy Hoson came to school this afternoon at 3.30pm.  Sent a note to inform his mother.

27th April Sent to enquire reason for absence of S Procter and W Dinsdale.  They were both of them sick.

1st May H Tate was transferred to the mixed dept. 

4th May Ten new scholars admitted this week.

7th May Minnie Briscoe commenced her duties as monitress in this department.  Admitted one boy and five girls.

16th May Percy Howson came too late to complete his attendance.  Admitted H Birkett.

22nd May The children had a day’s holiday yesterday to celebrate the Relief of Mafeking.

24th May Had to send James and George Metcalfe home as they had been caught in a severe hailstorm and were wet through.

11th June admitted H Monk.

14th June Minnie Briscoe was away from school this morning ill.

15th June Sent monitress to bring J Saul.  He would not come with his sister.

20th June Admiited M Fletcher and Sarah Berry this week.

28th June Mrs Frankland came to say the Doctor had advised her not to send John to school as he is afraid the boy is developing whooping cough.

6th July Mr Walling sent sweets to be distributed among the children.

31st August E and G Hudson are away suffering with whooping cough.

4th September H Foster coming into collision with E Barker was knocked against the playground wall and had his head badly cut.  Sent him home under the care of the monitress.

5th September Gave a half days holiday for the Annual West Riding Sheepdog trials which were held here.

7th September Punished E Slinger for staying away from school when sent.

13th September Eric Capstick fainted during the Object lesson this morning.  After he had recovered sent him home in charge of E Slinger.

28th September Had to send Harry Lupton home as he was ill.

15th October The Revd. J Turner informed the mistress that Esther Barker had left the school.  Admitted Mary and Martin Bell this morning.

24th October Oscar Boardman came too late to complete his attendance.  Sent Muriel Bentham home as her nose bled very badly.

22nd November Mrs Kilburn kindly presented a large cushion to the school. 

23rd November The Revd. J Turner presented Scripture Prizes to Doris Haynes, Violet Fletcher, Charles Metcalfe and John Frankland.  Punished V Hudson for stealing a chair from S Berry.

5th December HH Robinson was extremely sick in school.  Afterwards he fell asleep.

14th December A farmer named Metcalfe withdrew his child from school at 3.30 this afternoon without asking permission.


18th January Received notice that Wm. and Albert Barlow and Jas. Miller have left the district.

22nd January James Walker slipped on the school floor and cut his open his chin.  Sent him home under the care of his sister.

7th February J Bell came to school to ask mistress to excuse his little son for being very late.

12th February Received notice that Ethel and George Hudson have left the district.

22nd February Have admitted Lily and Elsie Routledge this week.

25th February Admitted Mary Alice Fletcher.

4th March Readmitted Bertha Wearing.

3rd April Sent a note to Mrs Bonnick to enquire as to Mary’s absence.

5th April C Metcalfe and A Dixon being very late to school were punished.

10th April Readmitted E and H Hudson this morning.  Gave the children a half days holiday as the new Institute was to be opened.

21st April Sent to ask reasons for M Bonnick’s absence.  She was suffering with toothache.

26th April Punished M Marklew for severely punching a girl’s cheek.

3rd June Admitted T Bingley.

10th June P Howson, D Boardman and W McKay attended too late to complete attendance.

19th June T Bingley came too late to complete his attendance.  R Tomlinson being prevented from attending school at present through measles being in the house.

21st June Punished Wm Preston severely for throwing dirty water at the monitress.

8th July Kept Vincent Metcalfe in for coming too late to complete his attendance.

19th August M Briscoe absent from school all day.  An Infant Mistress from Sale asked to look through the school.  She thought the children would never ail anything in this bracing air.

18th October Admitted MA Singleton this week.

23rd October Oscar Boardman, during playtime threw a lighted match which alighted onto E Lee’s pinafore and burned a hole in it.  Warned the children not to strike matches.

1st November Received notice that J Saul has left the district.

6th November Sent James Wilson home at 3.15 as he had fell ill.

8th November Had to punish a little girl for throwing stones.

2nd December Sent J Wilson home as he had fell ill.  

6th December The Revd J Turner visited, warned Mr Walling that Mrs Heaps said her little boy was covered with a rash.

19th December Mr Turner distributed prizes for Religious Knowledge to Walter Mackay, Edward Heaps, Annie Marsden and Ellen Kilburn.


29th January Whilst snowballing before school G Metcalfe chanced to pick up some snow which held a stone.  This he threw at R Brookes and cut his eyebrow with it.

20th February MA Fletcher bruised her brow severely with rushing against another child in the playground.

7th March Readmitted J Saul this week.

14th March Had to send G Metcalfe home as he was very sick in the afternoon.

27th March Received notice that R and E Tomlinson have left the district.

11th April Sent J Wadeson home as she was not well.

1st May Admitted J Fletcher and E Foster.  Monitress Briscoe (candidate) was transferred to the Mixed Department and Gladys Haynes entered upon her duties as Monitress in the Infants Department.

16th May Have admitted R Lindsey.

2nd June Peace having been declared between England and The Transvaal the children were given holiday to commemorate the event.

13th June J and F Walker came too late to complete their attendance.

18th June A Ayton and T Walker went home again as they could not open the school door.

26th June Owing to the King’s serious illness the children were not given holiday at morning school, but the other holiday was given as had been arranged.

26th September Thrashed Joe Fletcher for throwing a girl’s bonnet on the roof.

3rd October Punished John Wadeson for stealing toffee from the shelf.

16th October Punished J and T Walker for not coming to school when they were sent.

5th November James Metcalfe, Richard Preston and Elsie Bradley were given prizes for their proficiency in Religious Knowledge.

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