Langcliffe School Logbook Extracts 1902-1907

Held at North Yorkshire Record Office at Northallerton
Catalogue Reference S/LAC 5/2

7th April 1902 Maud Procter passed the King’s Scholarship Examination in the Third Division.
26th May Gertrude Hayes back at school.
2nd June Rose Syers commenced this morning as Candidate.
16th December Several families are leaving Langcliffe on account of the lock-out at the limeworks.
23rd March 1903 On Saturday three of the teachers, viz Miss Yeadon, Miss Jackson and Miss Procter commenced attending a course of lectures in Leeds on the teaching of Geography.
14th September Maud Howson commenced duties here today as Candidate. Born 31st July 1888.
23rd October Tom Greenhalgh was sent home this morning as he was found to be suffering with Chicken Pox.
15th March 1904 Expelled Martha Sparling today on account of gross disobedience and wilful breaking of school rules. She had been told to do so by her parents and her influence was felt throughout the school.
29th March One girl, A Longmire, has not been to school for nearly three weeks not even been visited although I have reported her several times.
11th April Received notice from the WRCC that fees are now abolished.
14th April The Pupil Teachers, O Higginson and G Hayes have only partially done the lessons set for them for the holidays. G Hays giving as the reason that she has been ill and O Higginson that friends called for her and she went out with them.
24th October Gave George Calvert, a boy in Std IV, one stroke of the cane for having dirty hands and bad work. At playtime he went home without permission.
24th February 1905 Miss O Higginson received notice this morning that she had passed the King’s Scholarship Examination in the third division of the third class and Miss G Hayes that she had failed to pass the examination.
13th 1906 August Received notice that Tom Warren has been awarded an Intending Pupil Teacher’s Scholarship by the WRCC. John Robinson has been awarded a County Minor Scholarship.
27th August Harriet Parker (born 5th August 1890) and Elizabeth Frankland (born 21st July 1890) commenced duties here today as Pupil Teachers.
17th October A boy in Std I (Walter Venn) was bitten by a dog on the head and face as he was coming to school. I sent him to Mr Parker, the owner of the dog, with a request that he should see a doctor immediately.
30th April 1907 Miss Howson ceased her apprenticeship on 31st March and has been acting as Supernumerary Teacher. She ceased her duties here today and takes up a post as Article 50 at Horton in Ribblesdale tomorrow.
3rd June A boy in Std III, Frank Newhouse fell into the river on Saturday as was drowned. He was 9 years old. The funeral takes place tomorrow.
14th June Tom Warren, an “Intending PT” who has obtained a scholarship from this school has just obtained a highly report from the Grammar School showing that during the past half term he has been at the top of the form every week.
19th August Florence May Graham commenced duty this morning as Pupil Teacher having been accepted by the WRCC (born 31st May 1892).
23rd August Arthur Syers, a boy in Std V was sent home on Tuesday. He was afterwards found to be suffering from Scarlet Fever.

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