Online Database Coverage Update (260,000+ Records)

The AWFHS Members are busy converting the publication booklets to digital form for uploading into the Database.

Below is a list of the records currently accessible for FREE by all AWFHS Members.

PlaceLocationDescriptionRecord Count
AddinghamSt. Peter’s Church (Parish)Baptisms 1600-17863097
AddinghamSt. Peter’s Church (Parish)Burials 1813-18511601
AddinghamSt. Peter’s Church (Parish)Burials 1851-1872801
AddinghamSt. Peter’s Church (Parish)Burials 1872-1891801
AddinghamSt. Peter’s Church (Parish)Burials 1891-1916801
AddinghamSt. Peter’s Church (Parish)Burials 1916-1953882
AddinghamSt. Peter’s Church (Parish)Marriages 1600-18121102
AddinghamSt. Peter’s Church (Parish)Marriages 1813-1837367
AddinghamSt. Peter’s Church (Parish)Marriages 1837-1884500
AddinghamSt. Peter’s Church (Parish)Monumental Inscriptions765
AdelSt. John the Baptist’s Church (Parish)Baptisms 1606-18124410
AdelSt. John the Baptist’s Church (Parish)Baptisms 1813-18581596
AdelSt. John the Baptist’s Church (Parish)Marriages 1570-18121102
AdelSt. John the Baptist’s Church (Parish)Marriages 1813-1837180
AdelSt. John the Baptist’s Church (Parish)Marriages 1837-1917494
AppletreewickAppletreewick & Skyreholme SchoolLog Book 1878-187930
ArncliffeSt. Oswald’s Church (Parish)Baptisms 1671-18121786
ArncliffeSt. Oswald’s Church (Parish)Baptisms 1813-1837308
ArncliffeSt. Oswald’s Church (Parish)Marriages 1594-1812556
ArncliffeSt. Oswald’s Church (Parish)Marriages 1813-183792
ArncliffeSt. Oswald’s Church (Parish)Monumental Inscriptions258
Austwick(General)Poor Relief 1895290
AustwickSunday SchoolLog Book 1914-192146
BaildonBaildon ChapelryBurials 1621-18124057
BaildonBaildon ChapelryMarriages 1621-1811990
BaildonSt. John the Evangelist’s Church (Parish)Marriages 1813-1837130
BardenC of E SchoolSchool Extracts 1874-187640
Bashall EavesBashall Eaves SchoolSchool Admissions (1867-1884)126
BenthamBentham Parochial Mixed SchoolSchool Admissions (1876-1908)259
BingleyAll Saints’ ChurchMemorial Inscriptions595
BingleyUnited Reformed ChurchMemorial Inscriptions105
Bolton AbbeySt. Mary and St. Cuthbert’s ChurchMarriages 1632-1812667
Bolton AbbeySt. Mary and St. Cuthbert’s ChurchMarriages 1813-1836154
Bolton AbbeySt. Mary and St. Cuthbert’s ChurchMarriages 1837-1929593
Bolton By BowlandSt. Peter and St. Paul’s ChurchMarriages 1560-18901234
BroughtonAll Saint’s ChurchMarriages 1671-1849375
BuckdenC. of E. SchoolLog Book 1904-190741
Burley WoodheadMethodist ChurchSunday School Register 1878-1882185
BurnsallSt. Wilfrid’s Church (Parish)Marriages  1672-1812997
BurnsallSt. Wilfrid’s Church (Parish)Marriages 1559-1700662
BurnsallSt. Wilfrid’s Church (Parish)Marriages 1813-1900398
Burton In LonsdaleSunday SchoolAttendance Records 1871110
CalverleySt. Wilfrid’s ChurchMarriages 1596-17212156
CalverleySt. Wilfrid’s ChurchMarriages 1721-17681677
CalverleySt. Wilfrid’s ChurchMarriages 1769-19377024
Chapel Le DaleChapel le Dale SchoolSchool Admissions (1892-1919)103
Chapel Le DaleIngleton Fells chapelMarriages 1597-18122309
ClaphamNewby SchoolSchool Admissions (1889-1892)47
ClaphamSt. James’s Church (Parish)Baptisms 1596-183710328
ClaphamSt. James’s Church (Parish)Marriages 1596-17531042
ClaphamSt. James’s Church (Parish)Marriages 1754-18371086
Coniston ColdConiston Cold SchoolLog Book 1869-1870109
Coniston ColdConiston Cold SchoolLog Book 187054
ConistoneSt. Mary’s Church (Parish)Marriages 1567-1812205
CononleySt. John’s ChurchMonumental Inscriptions332
CravenCraven Muster Rolls18039299
CullingworthBaptist ChurchAdmission Register 1861-1913105
DaleheadDalehead SchoolLogbook 1891-189330
DraughtonDraughton SchoolLogbook 1900-191816
East KeswickEast Keswick Church of England SchoolSchool Admissions (1888-1902)140
EccupEccup National SchoolSchool Admissions (1892-1912)102
EldwickWesley Methodist ChapelSunday School Book 1910-1919182
FarnleyAll Saints’ ChurchMonumental Inscriptions71
FewstonSt. Michael & St. Lawrence Church (Parish)Marriages 1593-18121717
GargraveSt. Andrew’s ChurchMarriages 1558-1753855
GargraveSt. Andrew’s ChurchMarriages 1754-19311457
GiggleswickSt AlkeldaBaptisms 1558-183714815
GiggleswickSt AlkeldaMarriages 1558-18373474
GisburnSt. Wilfrid’s ChurchBaptisms 1561-181210538
GisburnSt. Wilfrid’s ChurchMarriages 1559-18122489
Great MittonAll Hallows Church (Parish)Marriages 1620-18121408
GuiseleySt. Oswald’s Church (Parish)Baptisms 1813-18414801
GuiseleySt. Oswald’s Church (Parish)Marriages 1586-17211402
GuiseleySt. Oswald’s Church (Parish)Marriages 1721-1753656
GuiseleySt. Oswald’s Church (Parish)Marriages 1754-18121922
GuiseleySt. Oswald’s Church (Parish)Marriages 1813-18371564
Halton GillHalton Gill Church of England SchoolSchool Admissions (1887-1918)95
Halton WestHalton West SchoolLog Book 1893-190033
HampsthwaiteSt. Thomas a Becket (Parish)Marriages 1603-18071855
HarewoodAll Saints’ Church (Parish)Marriages 1600-18121667
HarewoodAll Saints’ Church (Parish)Marriages 1813-1926356
HebdenHebden Church of England SchoolSchool Admissions (1907-1919)84
HorsforthNational SchoolLogbook 1912-1920202
HorsforthSt. James’s ChurchBanns 1848-19672710
HorsforthSt. James’s ChurchMarriages 1848-1904499
HorsforthSt. Margaret’s ChurchMarriages 1853-1914494
Horton in RibblesdaleSelside SchoolSchool Admissions (1899-1919)73
Horton in RibblesdaleSt. Oswald’s Church (Parish)Marriages 1208
HubberholmeSt. Michael’s & All Angels ChurchMarriages 1667-1837330
IckornshawIckornshaw ChapelMarriages 1893-192960
IckornshawMethodist ChapelBaptisms 1853-1914199
IlkleyAll Saints’ Church (Parish)Marriages 1813-1837131
IlkleyMiddleton Lodge RC Chapel and Sacred Heart RC ChurchMarriages 1767-181036
IngletonIngleton National Mixed SchoolLog Book 1900-1902108
IngletonIngleton National Mixed SchoolSchool Admissions (1913-1915)219
KeighleySt. Anne’s Roman Catholic SchoolSchool Admissions (1910-1911)240
KettlewellSt. Mary’s Church (Parish)Banns 1812-1903204
KettlewellSt. Mary’s Church (Parish)Marriages 1699-1957717
KildwickSt. Andrew’s Church (Parish)Baptisms 1575-16787733
KildwickSt. Andrew’s Church (Parish)Baptisms 1678-189920455
KildwickSt. Andrew’s Church (Parish)Marriages 1576-17202434
KildwickSt. Andrew’s Church (Parish)Marriages 1720-18374867
KildwickSt. Andrew’s Church (Parish)Marriages 1837-19062229
KildwickSt. Andrew’s Church (Parish)Monumental Inscriptions1016
Kirkby MalhamSt. Michael’s Church (Parish)Marriages 1597-1690601
Kirkby MalhamSt. Michael’s Church (Parish)Marriages 1690-1812833
LeathleySt. Oswald’s ChurchMarriages 1813-183744
Linton in CravenSt. Michael & All Angels’ ChurchMarriages 1565-18121668
Linton in CravenSt. Michael & All Angels’ ChurchMarriages 1813-19001009
LittonLitton Council SchoolSchool Admissions (1913-1919)36
Long PrestonSt. Mary The Virgin ChurchMarriages 1589-19542040
Low BenthamLow Bentham Council SchoolSchool Admissions (1909-1918)200
Low BenthamSt. John the Baptist’s ChurchMarriages 1668-1812972
OtleyAll Saints Church (Parish)Baptisms 1563-175311993
OtleyAll Saints Church (Parish)Baptisms 1753-18126349
OtleyAll Saints Church (Parish)Baptisms 1812-18282399
OtleyAll Saints Church (Parish)Marriages 1562-17503005
OtleyAll Saints Church (Parish)Marriages 1754-18122506
OtleyAll Saints Church (Parish)Marriages 1813-18371904
OtleyMethodist ChapelOtley Methodist Circuit Members (1801)483
OtleyOtley Cemetery, Newall With Clifton and Lindley CemeteryMonumental Inscriptions2140
OtleyOtley Mill (Wm. Ackroyd’s Ltd.)Wages Book 1845351
OughtershawC of E SchoolLogbook 1897-1899155
Pool in WharfedaleWesleyan Methodist ChurchSunday School Register 1891-1894140
RylstoneRylstone District SchoolSchool Admissions (1872-1885)204
RylstoneSt. Peter’s Church (Parish)Marriages 1560-1812676
SettleWesleyan Methodist ChapelSunday School Register 1889-1891190
SilsdenBethesda Methodist ChapelBaptisms 1870-1915193
SilsdenSt. James’ Parish (Parish)Baptisms 1712-18988157
SilsdenSt. James’ Parish (Parish)Marriages 1845-1933953
SkiptonChrist ChurchBanns 1828-19733642
SkiptonChrist ChurchMarriages 1843-19241492
SkiptonHoly Trinity ChurchBaptisms 1597-178210539
SkiptonHoly Trinity ChurchBaptisms 1782-18122928
SkiptonHoly Trinity ChurchBaptisms 1813-18859463
SkiptonHoly Trinity ChurchMarriages 1592-18123490
SkiptonHoly Trinity ChurchMarriages 1813-18932405
SlaidburnSlaidburn Grammar SchoolSchool Admissions (1864-1878)132
SlaidburnSt. Andrew’s Church (Parish)Marriages 1600-18381960
SteetonSteeton Provident SchoolSchool Admissions (1890-1896)262
Sutton In CravenNational School (Infant)Admission Register 1907-1916140
Thornton In CravenSt. Mary’s ChurchMarriages 1803-19191750
Thornton In LonsdaleSt. Oswald’s Church (Parish)Marriages 1576-18121152
UtleyMunicipal CemeterySection N180
UtleyMunicipal CemeteryVolume 1254
UtleyMunicipal CemeteryVolume 2274
UtleyMunicipal CemeteryVolume 3267
UtleyMunicipal CemeteryVolume 5184
UtleyMunicipal CemeteryVolume 6374
UtleyMunicipal CemeteryVolume 8294
UtleyMunicipal CemeteryVolume 9311
UtleyMunicipal CemeteryVolume L127
UtleyMunicipal CemeteryVolume M142
WaddingtonWaddington ChapelryMarriages 1599-18121287
WeetonSt. Barnabas ChurchMonumental Inscriptions287
WestonAll Saints’ Church (Parish)Baptisms 1699-18121560
WestonAll Saints’ Church (Parish)Marriages 1637-1812409
WestonAll Saints’ Church (Parish)Marriages 1813-183683
WigglesworthClarke’s SchoolSchool List 1800-1865234
WikeWike SchoolLog Book 1880-1885137
YeadonMethodist Church (Chapel Hill)Monumental Inscriptions392
YeadonPrimitive Methodist ChurchMonumental Inscriptions37
YeadonPrimitive Methodist ChurchMonumental Inscriptions38
YeadonSt. John’s Church (Parish)Baptisms 1844-19064247


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