Otley Methodists Amateur Dramatics

These photographs are believed to come from the Primitive Methodist Church which was situated on Station Road in Otley. It closed around 1965.

Back row:  George Brearcliffe, Herbert Rigg,  ?  , Arthur chaffer, Jimmy Trotter,

Seated:  Mary Pope, Rita Walker,  Joan Moxon, Norma Hodgson,  ?  , Mavis Hodgson

Ladies Play 1940s

Back Row:  Mrs Daley, Lily Craven, Vera Parker, Sally Craven, Mrs Tiffany. Lily Stephenson, Mrs Atkinson, Ellen Jones, Florrie Brearcliffe

Seated:  Ethel Briggs, Mrs Shearsmith, Cora Thirlby, Molly Ogle, Marian Bartle, Hilda Hartley

Seated on floor:  Joan Moxon, Barbara Atkinson

Back row:  Elsie Clapham, Vera Parker, Doreen Chaffer, Cora Thurlby, Ellen Jones, Florrie Brearcliffe, Mrs Stephenson, Molly Ogle, Florrie Brearcliffe

Front row:  Ethel Briggs, Edie Brookes, Hilda Hartley, Mrs Shearsmith, Joyce Spencer, Margaret Scott, Christine Carter, Marian Bartle.

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