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The Below Email was received from the Ulster GHG

My name is Kevin, and I’m from the Ulster Historical Foundation, an educational non-profit charity who offers our extensive knowledge to help on the sources available to discover Irish and Scots-Irish ancestors.

I’m writing to you to let you know about our membership society, Ulster Genealogical & Historical Guild, and how this might be of benefit to your institution. There are a lot of features associated with becoming a member that I think would be very useful for both yourselves and your patrons or members

First of all, you would receive two publications each year. Our annual journal, Familia, which features articles and reviews of historical and genealogical interest and our Directory of Irish Family History Research which contains research advice, editorials, small databases as well as the interests of our members. This means people with similar interests can contact other members and pool their resources.

We also have a variety of genealogical databases on line, including birth, marriage and death databases, gravestone inscriptions, agricultural censuses, will details, and many more. The birth, marriage and death databases are viewable on a pay-per-view basis an importantly members can view these on a greatly reduced basis. Members also gain completely free access to all of our other databases, all of which would be very useful to anyone researching their family history.

Members also gain a variety of exclusive discounts. For example, you would get a 15% discount on any of our publications you wished to buy (this is higher than libraries and other institutions may receive on orders). All our titles can be found on our online bookstore –

There are various membership tiers that we offer.

  • A one year membership costs £45 and includes 24 credits that your patrons can use to search our birth, marriage and death databases.
  • A five year membership costs £130 and includes 48 credits that your patrons can use to search our birth, marriage and death databases.
  • A lifetime membership costs £300 which can include 120 credits that your patrons can use to search our birth, marriage and death databases.

There are other benefits of membership, and those are outlined here:

The Foundation also has over 60 years in delivering research programmes and helping people and we offer bespoke group programmes, so if you or any groups or societies you know might want to organize a group session with a professional genealogist for a single or number of days, we would be happy to talk about arranging something.

I hope my email might have been of interest and that you may feel Guild membership might be of some benefit to your institution. If you have any questions, please let me know.

Thank you for your time.

Kevin Keenan

Guild Secretary
Ulster Historical Foundation
The Corn Exchange
31 Gordon Street
Belfast BT1 2LG

Registered with The Charity Commission for Northern Ireland NIC100280

Donations to the Ulster Historical Foundation are welcome and can be made in various ways

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