Thwaites Brow Board School & Long Lee Council School Logbook Extracts 1912

Held at Bradford Archives – Catalogue Reference 52D5-6 

 3rd May A comparatively large number of the children in the 1st class of the Infants are a year too old for the class, which would cause them to be a year behind the one they should be in normally.  I have arranged with the teachers to devote extra time to this section of the class in order to bring them forward in their work that they may be promoted to the 1st Standard.   The arrangement will be continued until Whitsuntide.  The names of the children are:

Harry Beckett, Raymond Lee, Walter Mitchell, Ada Ireland Sarah Mackley, Emily Murgatroyd, Hilda Wilkinson, Franis Fitchett.

11th July Allan Burn won 1st prize for the 80yards Race for Boys and the Egg & Spoon Race.  Fanny Ainley won 2nd prize for the Girls Egg & Spoon Race.

25th July The children named have not made the progress I had hoped so they are retained in Miss Lambert’s Class after the Summer Holidays.  Joseph Fairlie, Edward Smith, Nellie Kilby, Edith Blenhorn, Gladys Mason.

The progress of the other children is more hopeful.  Their names are:

Jack Bennett, William Dale, Arthur Binns, Mary Beckett, Bertha Mitchell, Annie Wilkinson, Florence Shackleton, Gladys Foy, Alice Sunderland.

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