Harrogate Hospital

Staff who died in WW1

Robert Charles IRVINE MB. CH.B. Major 63RD Field Ambulance, died on active service France 10th November 1918

Dorothy Mortimer WATSON (Nurse TNS) died on active service Malta 13th March 1917

Walter BROCKBANK (Porter) Sergeant Cheshire Regiment killed in action France 24th April 1918

Joseph BAGSHAW (Porter) Private 19th Co of London Regiment killed in action France 6th September 1916

Harrogate Grand Duchess George of Russia

Grand Duchess George of Russia

Her Royal & Imperial Highness, Marle Georgievna Romanova, known as the Grand Duchess George of Russia, was visiting Harrogate when the Great War began.  She founded hospitals and convalescent homes for wounded servicemen, including Tewit Well, Heatherdene, St George’s and St Nichols’s, funding them generously and nursing patients herself.  Her hospitals treated nearly 1200 casualties between 1914 and 1919 in an outstanding act of humanity.  The memorial cross was given to Harrogate by the Grand Duchess in 1921 to commemorate patients who had died of their wounds. 

Located on Wetherby Road, adjacent to the Stray

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