Bingley Urban District


PETER ROWLAND ACKERNLEY Pilot Officer (RAF) Mentioned in Despatches. Died December 1942 in operations over the North Sea. Aged 21.

MICHAEL BARTON APPLEBY Flight Sergeant in Royal Air Force, lost his life in April 1941 in air combat off Norway. Aged 21.

NORMAN ATKINSON of ELDWICK, Signaller in 88th Field Regt. Royal Artillery, fell at Singapore, February 1943, in his twenty third year.

NORMAN ATKINSON of WILSDEN, Lance Corporal in the Military Police. Died in a convoy accident in Germany. November 1946 aged 21.

ERIC BAILEY Flight Sergeant (RAF) died in his twenty fourth year at Pouilleux France, May 1944, following an aeroplane crash.

JAMES BAILEY Sergeant in the Royal Air Force whose life was given on operations May 1944 age 19.

JOHN ALBERT BALL Gunner in the Royal Artillery died of wounds in France, August 1944 aged 32.

TOM WHITELEY BALMFORTH Sergeant Observer, RAF whose life was given in operations over Holland October 1942 at age 30.

JAMES BARKER Trooper of the 49th Reconnaissance Corps, was drowned off Normandy in his twentieth year, through enemy mines June 1944.

PETER RODERICK MACGREGOR BARRON Captain in First Airborne Division. Mentioned in Despatches, gave his life at Arnhem, September 1944. Aged 23.

HUBERT BARWICK Sub-Lieutenant Fleet Air Arm, died in Somerset at age 21 after a flying accident while receiving special training November 1943.

WILLIAM ALFRED BASTOW Gunner in the Royal Artillery was killed in April 1942, aged 36, while defending an aerodrome in Middle East.

HAROLD BATES Sergeant in 16th Duke of Wellington’s Regiment, fell in the Normandy landing at Caen, June 1944. Aged 25.

ALEC BEANLANDS Flight Sergeant, (RAF), wounded in air operations in Burma far behind enemy lines, dying in crash landing May 1944, aged 21.

HENRY BENNISON Trooper of 27th Lancers, RAC, was killed September 1944, while on night patrol in Italy. Aged 28.

HOWARD BINNS Ordinary Seaman in the Merchant Navy, died in an English sanitorium at age 20, from illness resulting from exposure. October 1946.

GILBERT BLACKAH Wireless Operator, Royal Navy, lost his life at Narvik, Norway 1940, aged 32.

JOHN BOWDEN Gunner in the Royal Artillery was accidentally killed in Scotland in the performance of his duties, March 1943. Aged 25.

ALFRED BOYES Lance Bombardier, RA. Died at sea at the sinking of a troopship. February 1944, aged 32.

TOM BROWN Private in 1st Duke of Wellington’s Regiment, was killed in action January 1944 at Anzio, Italy, in his twenty first year.

JAMES BUTLER Sergeant Gunner, RAF was killed in operations over Northern France. May 1944 at age 20.

TOM CAMERON Sergeant of 102nd Anti-Tank Corps, RA., fell in action in Holland November 1944. Aged 29.

FRED CARR Lance Corporal, Royal Corps of Signals, was killed by a rocket at Antwerp, February 1945, aged 31.

GEORGE WILLIAM CARRINGTON Seaman in the Royal Navy, was lost at sea, January 1945, when aged 22.

HAROLD CARTWRIGHT Private in the Queen’s Royal Regiment, fell in action in Italy. September 1944, aged 24.

JOHN CARTWRIGHT Lance Bombardier of the Maritime Anti-Aircraft Artillery, went down with his ship February 1942 while on convoy duty, aged 34.

KENNETH CHAPMAN Flying Officer, RAF, was killed in Durham, November 1943, in an aeroplane crash in the performance of his duties at age 24.

BERT CHILTON Driver, 90th Armoured Brigade, RASC, died June 1944, aged 31 from shrapnel injuries in Normandy.

HAROLD HALL CLAPHAM Supply Assistant in Royal Navy, gave his life in action off Norway, aboard HMS Curacao, April 1940. Aged 21.

ARTHUR COBB Ordinary Seaman in the Merchant Navy whose life was lost at sea. February 1942, aged 33.

THOMAS GEOFFREY COCKROFT Bombardier, 135th Field Regiment RA. Died in Thailand, aged 28, while Prisoner of War in Japanese hands.

KENNETH CRABTREE Sergeant Pilot, RAF who was killed at Beaulieu on returning from operations. November 1942 aged 31.

JACK CROOK Private in 1st Battalion Gordon Highlanders, was killed while on service in Germany in March 1946, aged 20.

BASIL ARTHUR CURTIS Pilot Officer (RAF), holder of Distinguished Flying Medal, was shot down over the Baltic Sea. April 1943, aged 22.

ERIC DICKINSON Driver RASC died August 1946 aged 33, following illness contracted on active service and as Prisoner of War.

JACK DUCKETT Able Seaman, Royal Navy, fell in November 1942, aged 22 during landing operations in North Africa.

ALFRED DUXBURY Gunner, Anti-Tank Regiment RA. Fell in action in Burma. April 1945 in his twenty-fifth year.

WILFRED EDMONDSON Flight Sergeant (RAF), was killed in Italy while on an operational flight. August 1944. Buried at Foggia, aged 24.

JAMES ETTENFIELD Sapper in the Royal Engineers lost his life in Italy, while mine clearing. July 1944. Aged 24.

JOSEPH FINNIGAN 1ST Class Air Fitter, Fleet Air Arm, died in the Mediterranean, January 1941 during bombing of HMS Illustrious in his twentieth year.

PERCY FLETCHER Lance Corporal in the Green Howards died of wounds in Normandy whilst Prisoner of War. August 1944. Aged 27.

DONALD HUTTON FOULDS Sergeant Pilot (RAF), lost his life in a flying accident at Bulawayo, South Africa. December 1942, aged 20.

KATHLEEN MARY GAUNT Private in the Auxiliary Territorial Service, lost her life May 1943, aged 20, through enemy air raid on Yarmouth.

JAMES GORE Corporal in the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, died through illness contracted whilst serving overseas. October 1946, aged 30. Prisoner of War. Aged 26.

GORDON GRAHAM Signaller 122nd Field Artillery died at Kobe, Japan whilst a Prisoner of War age 28.

DAVID GRAY Private in the Pioneer Corps, was killed by a V2 bomb in Belgium. November 1944. Aged 25.

LAWRENCE GREEN Sergeant Air Gunner (RAF), was killed in operations over Germany. August 1943, in his twentieth year.

RONALD GRESSWELL Sergeant in the Royal Air Force, gave his life in operations over Western Germany. July 1944. Aged 20.

STANLEY GRUNWELL Sergeant in the Royal Air Force, died in the Zuider Zee. March 1942 when his aircraft was brought down. Aged 26.

HERBERT HALL Gunner in the 137th Army Field Regiment RA, gave his life in January 1944, aged 24, when on active service in Malaya.

ERIC HAYES Gunner in the Royal Artillery was killed in army lorry collision at Whitchurch, September 1942, aged 25.

ARTHUR HELLIWELL Private, 7th Battalion Seaforth Highlanders. Was killed at Caen, aged 19, while bringing in a wounded man. June 1945.

WILLIAM ERIC HEMINGWAY Flying Officer (RAF) was killed over Lille, May 1944 while piloting bomber aircraft during a raid in his 22nd year.

MARTIN HEMPEL Able Seaman Gunner. DEMS whose life was lost on active service in the Atlantic. July 1941, aged 27.

DONALD WILLIAM HENDERSON Able Seaman in the 570th Landing Craft Flotilla was killed on Anzio Beach whilst delivering urgent message from his ship. April 1944, aged 19.

JOHN ANDREW HEUGHAN Sergeant Provost Company 51st Highland Division, was killed at Wesel. February 1945 at the crossing of the Rhine, aged 27.

RONALD HIRD Private in the Royal Signal Corps was killed in action May 1944, near Casino. Italy, aged 34.

GIDEON HOPE Private in the Pioneer Corps, was lost in the English Channel at the Evacuation of Dunkirk, June 1940 aged 27.

JAMES HOPEWELL Warrant Officer (Pilot) RAF. Holder of the Distinguished Flying Medal. Was killed in Kent, January 1942 while testing his aeroplane. Aged 27.

ARNOLD GEOFFREY HOYLE Trooper, 107th Regiment Royal Armoured Corps, was killed in action in Normandy in August 1944, aged 23.

ARTHUR JACKSON Bombardier in the Royal Artillery AA, lost his life through an accident to an army lorry at Rochester March 1945. Aged 25.

FOSTER JENNINGS Lieutenant, Royal Army Medical Corps, while engaged in attending the wounded at Dunkirk, 29th May 1940 lost his life in his 24th year.

FRANK JOWETT Flight Sergeant (RAF) was killed at Cottesmore, Rutland in the performance of his duties. September 1942 aged 20.

MARGARET KEDDIE Nursing Sister, was lost at sea off Singapore through enemy action. February 1942.

KENNETH WILKINSON KILBANK Leading Aircraftman (RAF) was killed June 1945, aged 29, on a Liberator Aircraft which crashed in fog on English South Coast.

JACK LEE Leading Aircraftman (RAF) lost his life at Alexandria, April 1943 in his 21st year, through the crash of a Baltimore Aeroplane.

JAMES ARTHUR LEE Guardsman, 5th Battalion Coldstream Guards. Died of wounds in Germany March 1945, aged 25.

KENNETH HOLDSWORTH LISTER Private in the Hampshire Regiment. Died of wounds, September 1943 at Salerno, Italy, in his twentieth year.

HAROLD LOGAN Private, 2nd Battalion Yorks & Lancs Regiment, was killed in action at Damascus, February 1942.

FRANK LONGBOTTOM Sergeant Flight Engineer (RAF) lost his life in October 1944 in a raid on the Ruhr. Aged 33.

PETER LONGBOTTOM Sergeant 24th Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry, fell at Medjez-el-Bab. March 1943, aged 23.

WILLIAM LYNESS Gunner, 125th Anti-Tank Field Regiment RA aged 25, was lost at sea, September 1944. Prisoner of War aboard a Japanese Transport.

LESLIE MALLEY Trooper 15/19th Kings Royal Hussars Royal Armoured Corps, when aged 28 was killed in action. March 1945 on the Siegfried Line.

EDWARD MANN Sergeant Navigator (RAF) was killed at Market Harborough, October 1944 in an aeroplane crash while night flying. Aged 22.

ROY MARSDEN Sapper Royal Engineers, lost his life in the Invasion of Normandy Beaches, June 1944.

ALBERT EDWARD MARTIN Driver in the Royal Army Service Corps, was lost at sea, April 1941. Aged 23.

RICHARD MARTINDALE Private in the Seaforth Highlanders. Was killed in action in Germany. March1945, aged 32.

LESLIE MEEKIN 2ND Class Aircraftman (RAF). Died in South Africa while on training, June 1942. Aged 25.

HAROLD METCALFE Lance Corporal, Corps of Military Police, died in Cairo, May 1940, while on active service. Aged 27.

DENNIS MIDDLETON Sergeant Air Gunner (RAF), lost his life on operations off coast of Denmark, July 1940. In his 19th year.

WILLIAM ARTHUR MILES Gunner Heavy Royal Artillery, fell on the retreat to Dunkirk. June 1940. Aged 30.

ERIC ROBERT MILLS Flying Officer Navigator (RAF) was killed at Glos-sur-Risle, N France, while returning from daylight raid. July 1944 at age 24.

WILLIAM MILNES Private 6th Battalion Duke of Wellington’s Regiment. Was killed in action, June 1944, in North West Europe. Aged 31.

THOMAS WILSON MINTOFT Lance Corporal, Royal Armoured Corps, lost his life in the Normandy Invasion 12th June 1944, aged 36.

RAYMOND MORRIS Private Army Air Corps. Lost his life in Germany in performance of his duties, December 1944, aged (blank) CWGC Parachute Regiment Army Air Corps, age 21 buried in Prague War Cemetery, of Harding (Harden).

LIONEL NEEDHAM Private Suffolk Regiment, was killed in action at Venray, NW Europe. CWGC: Died 17 Oct 1944, Venray War Cemetery, son of Elizabeth Milner of Bingley.

HARRY NICHOLS Private West Yorkshire Regiment, died of malaria in India. October 1943, aged 27.

BENJAMIN NOBLE Private 2nd Battalion King’s Royal Rifles. Was killed in action at Damascus July 1941, in his thirtieth year.

EDMUND OATES, Stoker Royal Navy, lost his life December 1943, aged 20 aboard HMS Rysa, dive-bombed in Italian Waters.

NORMAN MURGATROYD OATES Lance Corporal, Royal Corps of Signals. Died July 1943, aged 32 while on active service in Malaya.

ALFRED EDWARD PARK Lieutenant, Intelligence Corps, died from wounds December 1944 while on special duties in the Balkans. Aged 27.

NORMAN PAYNE Private in the Duke of Wellington’s Regiment, was accidentally killed while serving in Germany, October 1945, aged 36.

JOHN DOUGLAS PERFECT Sergeant Royal Artillery, died May 1944, aged 32 of heat stroke at Nagpur, India, during Military Operations.

PERCY POLLARD Bombardier 64th Anti-Tank Regiment RA., lost his life in action in North Africa. December 1942, aged 23.

JACK POUNDS Sub-Lieutenant RNVR. Lost his life on HMS Charybdis while intercepting a convoy off Brittany Coast. October 1943, aged 23.

JOHN HENRY ROBERTS Private Highland Light Infantry was accidentally killed, June 1945 while serving in Austria. Aged 27.

GEOFFREY ROBERTSHAW Gunner, 102nd Lt Anti-Aircraft Regiment RA. Died in Aldershot Military Hospital April 1944, in his 21st year.

THOMAS ROBERTSHAW Flight Sergeant Pathfinder Force RAF. Was killed in operations over Germany, January 1945, aged 33.

JACK ROBINSON Major 2nd Battalion Duke of Wellington’s Regiment. Awarded the Military Cross, fell in Burma. March 1942. Aged 34.

JOSEPH SANDERSON Sapper, 49th West Yorks, RE, was killed at Beverley East Yorkshire while on duty. June 1940.

JACK SANDS Flight Lieutenant RAF whose life was given on operations October 1943, aged 26.

ALFRED SAVILLE Lance Corporal, 2nd Duke of Wellington’s Regiment, died in the Far East. March 1942, aged 24.

STANLEY HENRY SHIRLEY Ordinary Seaman, Royal Navy, died on HMS Jupiter, February 1942 in the Battle of the Java Seas. Aged 29.

FRED NOEL SLINGSBY Sergeant Navigator (RAF) in a bombing raid on Duisberg April 1943 gave his life, aged 23.

ALBERT SMITH of Morton Able Seaman Royal Navy, lost his life in action in the Mediterranean. November 1941.

FRANK SMITH Gunner, Heavy Anti-Aircraft RA died of beri-beri in Sumatra. A Prisoner of War in Japanese hands. April 1945, aged 44.

ERIC SPENCER Sergeant Flight Engineer RAF whose aeroplane failed to return after raid on Pforzheim Germany. February 1944. Aged 35.

SAM MIDGLEY STACEY Gunner in the Royal Artillery, was killed in action in Italy September 1944, aged 25.

JOHN STACKHOUSE Lance Corporal, East Yorkshire Regiment. Fell in Normandy, August 1943. Aged 31.

WILLIAM STARKEY Lieutenant, 11th Green Howards. Awarded the Military Cross. Was killed April 1941. Aged 45, on duty during an air raid on Belfast.

ALEC THOMAS Private, 2nd Battalion Wiltshire Regiment. Fell at Minturno, Italy, January 1944, aged 35.

CHARLES UNWIN Petty Officer, Royal Navy, lost his life on HMS Hecla in operations leading to landing in North Africa. November 1942. Aged 21.

ARTHUR WADDINGTON Trooper, 53rd Reconnaissance Regiment RAC, was killed in action in North West Europe. September 1944. Aged 30.

WALKER WADDINGTON Private, King’s Own Regiment was killed in action in the retreat to Dunkirk. 27th May 1940, aged 24.

JOHN WADE Private, 7th Battalion Green Howards. Died in his nineteenth year from wounds received in action at Caen. August 1944.

WILLIAM WARD Lance Corporal, 2nd Battalion Lincolnshire Regiment. Fell in action. August 1944 at the Battle of Vire, Normandy. Aged 25.

JOHN WATERHOUSE Sapper, Royal Engineers. Victory Medal 1914-18, fell at Sidi Barrani, North Africa. June 1941, aged 43.

ALBERT WATERWORTH Sergeant Pilot (RAF). Lost his life February 1943, following operations off the coast of Norway in his 22nd year.

KENNETH WATMOUGH Sergeant Air Gunner (RAF). In a raid over Berlin, December 1943, lost his life at age 23.

ARTHUR WEST Pilot Officer (RAF). While pilot of a Lancaster Bomber was killed at Stuttgart. July 1944. Aged 29.

JOHN MILTON WHATMUFF Lance-Corporal, Queen’s Own Regiment, died from wounds in North Italy, February 1945 at age 28.

JAMES HORD WHITAKER Major, 526th (Ind.) AW Company Indian Engineers. Was killed at Pegu, Burma in a plane crash. March 1946 aged 40.

ALEC FISHER WHITE Sergeant, 1st Battalion Queen’s Royal Regiment. Mentioned in Despatches. Fell at Kohima, Burma. May 1944 in his twenty first year.

FRANK WHITEOAK Private, 2nd Battalion Queen’s Own Cameron Highlanders. Was killed in Reichwald Forest, Germany. February 1945, aged 29.

STANLEY WHITING Gunner, 59th Anti-Tank Regiment RA. Was killed in action at Caen. July 1944, aged 31.

WILLIE JACKSON WHITTAKER Sergeant, Royal Air Force. Died in an aeroplane crash at Huntingdon in performance of his duties. April 1943, aged 21.

JACK WILKINSON Corporal, Duke of Wellington’s Regiment. Died of wounds in Normandy 21st June 1944. Aged 25.

THOMAS WILKINSON Navigator, Royal Air Force. Died from illness contracted while training, June 1943. Aged 34.

WILLIAM YATES Gunner Royal Artillery. Was killed in action. December 1942 in the Middle East. Aged 35.

BRIAN KERMODE Sergeant in the Royal Air Force, was killed while on operations in Holland, June 1943. Aged 27.

JAMES EDWIN CARTWRIGHT Private, 1st Battalion Scots Guards who died of wounds in action in North Africa, May 1943. Aged 22.

RICHARD SEYMOUR WATSON Petty Officer, Fleet Air Arm who lost his life near the Orkneys in May 1944 after baling out of an aeroplane in difficulties. Aged 22.

KENNETH WRIGHT Signaller, Royal Navy who perished at sea. February 1945 in his twentieth year when his ship was torpedoed. CWGC HMS President lll

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