Bradley Peace Hall

Henry Ayrton
Albert Blades
William A Brayshay
Fred Chapman
Albert P Gill
Henry Hobson
John Hudson
William Linford
John S Mattock
Joe Hy. Mawson
Robert H Mawson
James H Peel
Leonard Throup
Arthur J Watson

O Ackernley
F Ayrton
N Baines
P L Baxter
J Beck
J Birkett
G Bradley
A Brayshay
E Brayshay
J S Brown
C H Chapman
E Chapman
H Chapman
W Cockshott
A Denby
F Drake
G Drake
J Drake
J C Gill
T Gawthorpe
P H Gill
A Green
L Green
W H Green
W Hardacrre
W Harper
H Hartley
A Hudson
L Hudson
F Marshall
G Marshall
E D Mattock
F Mattock
Jas S Mattock
T C Mattock
W A Mattock
G Maude
Roy Green
F A Mitchell
W J Mitchell
J Petty
C Pritchard
F R Shearer
J Simpson
A Slater
W H Smith
W R Smith
F Spencer
A Thornton
H Thornton
W Thornton
H Throup
W Throup
W E Throup
S Townson
A Walker
Rny. Green
J H Walker
J W Walker
A V Walmsley
Hor. Walmsley
Hub. Walmsley
F Watkinson
H Watkinson
J Watkinson
O Watkinson
C R Watson
F S Watson
F A Watson
H V Watson
J Webster
M H Webster
W R Webster
J S Woodrup
J Garner
H Jacobs

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