Giggleswick School RUFC

(Taken from the Yorkshire Rugby Football Union “In Memoriam 1914-1919”)

Members who joined the Forces

Ainley Lt F.C. Yorks Regt

Allaway Pte W.

Barden Sec Lt H.D. R.F.A.

Brook Capt G. West Yorks Rgt

Brown G.K. West Yorks

Browne Lt J.S.  M.G.C.

Clubb J.  R.A.F.

Downing W.  O.C.B. (Ind Army)

Fleming Lt W.R.  R.S.F.

Foster Lt H.  R.A.F.

Frankland V.

Gibson Lt T.H.  R.S.F.

Glaister Pte S.  R.F.

Haggas Sec Lt J. R.F.A.

Hall Sec Lt M.T.R. R.F.A.

Hamilton Lt A.S.L. R.F.A.

Hancock Sub Lt J. R.N.A.S

Heys Lt J.H. East Lancs Rgt

Hickson Capt S.H.V. West Yk

Higham Sec Lt F.S. R.F.A.

Horrocks Sec Lt W.D.A. N.F.

Hunter Sec Lt G.T.F. R.A.F.

Jepson Midshipman C.D. R.N.

Kemmis-Betty Lt W.M. R.G.A.

Kenyon Sec Lt J. de W.

Kenyon Lt E.C. Cheshire Regt

King Lt A. West Riding Regt

Kingston S.T.  O.C.B.

Makinson Pte G.R. Artists Rifles

Murgatroyd Lt N.A. R.F.A.

Nelson Lt F.E. M.G.C.

Pilley Cadet H.C. R.E.

Rayner Capt I.  D.L.I.

Robinson Sec Lt R.B. London Regt

Sames Cadet A.R. O.C.B.

Sharp Capt D.G. West Yorks

Slater Sec Lt H.  R.E.

Slater Pte R. R.A.S.C.

Smith Cadet T.R.S. R.M.C.

Tattersall Lt F.G. Manch R

Taylor Sec Lt C.E. K.O.Y.L.I.

Thomas Sec Lt J.L. R.F.A.

Whaley Lt G.R. Tank Corps

Wharton Sec Lt J.H. West Yk

Wilson Sec Lt C. Gordon H

Wilson Sec Lt K. R.E.

Worswick Lt R. R.F.A.

The Fallen

Brown Sec Lt G.K. West Yks

Glaister Pte S.  R.F.

Kenyon Sec Lt J. de W.


Barden H.D.  M.C.

Fleming W.R.  M.C. & bar

Hamilton A.S.L.  M.C.

Hickson S.H.V. mentioned in despatches

Kemmis-Betty W.M. M.C.

Kenyon E.C. mentioned in despatches

Sharp D.G.  M.C.


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