Harrogate St Mark’s Church

Died WW1

Fred ABBOTT 25th Durham Light Infantry

Harold ABBOTT 2/5TH West Yorkshire Regiment

Robert BC AKED North Staffordshire Regiment

Henry E APPLEYARD 12TH West Yorkshire Regiment

Arthur L ASKEW Army Service Corps

Harold W ATKINSON 21ST Northumberland Fusiliers

Harry BARBER 1/ 5th West Yorkshire Regiment

Charles BEARPARK HMS Arethusa

Arthur BRADLEY Army Service Corps (MT)

Alwyn BRAMLEY-MOORE Princess Patricia Light Infantry

Claude BRIGGS 26TH Royal Fusiliers

Ernest F CARTER King’s Own Yorkshire Light Infantry

Gilbert N CARTER 1/6TH West Yorkshire Regiment

Harold B COATES 7TH Yorkshire Regiment

John COATES East Riding Yeomanry

Edward CONNOLLY 6TH Field Ambulance AIF

Frank COOKE 11TH York & Lancaster Regiment

Alfred CUCKSON Army Service Corps (MT)

Alfred DALBY 2/5TH West Yorkshire Regiment

Reginald S DEARDEN 1ST Scottish Rifles

Alexander E DUNCAN 5TH Cameron Highlanders

Peter DUNCAN 2ND Middlesex Regiment

Richard De Paiva EDDISON 4TH Loyal North Lancs Regiment

George H EXELBY 1/5TH West Yorkshire Regiment

Thomas FRASER 9TH West Yorkshire Regiment

Guy SG HAMILTON 3RD Battalion Queen’s Regiment

George HANDLEY HMS Inconstant

George HARTLEY 10TH King’s Own Yorkshire Light Infantry

Henry B HOLDSWORTH Durham Light Infantry

Wilfrid L JOHNSON 2ND Border Regiment

William H KNOWLES Queen’s Own Yorkshire Dragoons

Sidney LOWSLEY Royal Naval Air Squadron

Selwyn LUPTON 1/5TH West Yorkshire Regiment

Joseph MACK Manchester Regiment

Mandel MANBY 2ND West Yorkshire Regiment

John MASON 2/5TH West Yorkshire Regiment

William L MASON 75TH Squadron Royal Flying Corps

Samuel MCKNIGHT 17TH Royal Scots

Arthur MIDGLEY 8TH West Yorkshire Regiment

George W MOFFITT 10TH Scottish Rifles

Gill MORRELL Duke of Wellington’s Regiment

William MORRELL 1/5TH West Yorkshire Regiment

Fred PADGETT Royal Field Artillery

Ernest POOLE 3/4TH York & Lancaster Regiment

George PRESTON Royal Field Artillery

William E RANDALL London Regiment

E RATHMELL 9TH West Yorkshire Regiment

Stephen ROYCE 1/5TH West Yorkshire Regiment

Albert SHEPHERD 1ST West Yorkshire Regiment

Edwin D SINNOTT 2ND King Edward’s Horse

George H SIXTON 1ST Leicester Regiment

Arthur SPENCER 19TH Lancashire Fusiliers

William SPILSBURY 2/5TH West Yorkshire Regiment

Alfred THIRKELL 1/5th West Yorkshire Regiment

John E THIRKELL 5TH Northumberland Fusiliers

Charles TODD 49TH Yorkshire Hussars

Alfred TUCKER 5TH King’s Own Yorkshire Light Infantry

Frederick E TUCKER 15TH West Yorkshire Regiment

Stanley WALKER 21ST King’s Royal Rifles

Cecil W WARD Royal Field Artillery

Harold WARD 19TH West Yorkshire Regiment

William WEEKS Worcester Regiment

Albert WHITFIELD 2/5TH West Yorkshire Regiment

Arthur WILDE 1/5TH West Yorkshire Regiment

James R WILKINSON 2ND Lancashire Fusiliers

Alexander M WILSON 1/5TH West Yorkshire Regiment

James R WOOD 1/5TH West Yorkshire Regiment

Ronald WRAY 1/5TH West Yorkshire Regiment

Cecil YATES 1/5TH West Yorkshire Regiment

Jack Morris WILSON Royal Naval Air Squadron

WW2 died

Alan MOORE Royal Air Force

Keith M MORRISON Royal Navy

Albert NEY Royal Artillery

Geoffrey E RUSSELL Royal Corps of Signals

Frederick T SAUNDERS Royal Artillery

John E SCRUTON Green Howards

Victor G SMITH Royal Artillery


George K THOMPSON Royal Air Force

Edward W WINTERSGILL Royal Artillery

Charles B ANDERSON Merchant Navy

Arnold BURTON Royal Air Force

Kenneth CLAPHAM Royal Navy

Douglas CRUICKSHANKS Royal Air Force

George E DONALDSON Yorks & Lancs Regime

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