Keighley Oakworth Wesleyan Methodist Chapel

(transcribed by the Keighley Men of Worth Project & reproduced with their permission) Now housed in Oakworth Village Hall

WW1 Died
John EARNSHAW Missing, November 8th, 1914

Lewis BROWN Missing, April 18th, 1915

Luther SUNDERLAND Died, November 11th, 1915

Luther WILKINSON Died, March 16th, 1916

John T ALDERSON Wounded and Missing, June 7th, 1917

John P SUGDEN Killed, August 8/9th, 1917

Ernest BYRAM Killed, September 16th, 1917

Norman WALBANK Killed, September 20th, 1917

William H PRIESTLEY Killed, October 19th, 1917

George H DOCKSEY Missing, March 21st, 1918

Fred PEVERLEY Killed, April 12th, 1918

Milford BROWN Killed, April 13th, 1918

James WHITAKER Missing, April 24th, 1918
Arthur BROWN Drowned, May 26th, 1918

Percy HOLLINGS Wounded and Missing, May 27th, 1918

Alfred DENISON Killed, May 29th, 1918

Craven HARLING Drowned, October 10th, 1918


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