Yarnbury RUFC

In Memory of Yarnbury RUFC members who lost their lives serving their country in the Great War 1914-18

Lt Sydney Barrand died 1918 aged 26 King’s Royal Rifle Corps

Gnr George Benton died 1915 aged 17 Royal Field Artillery

2nd Lt John Benton died 1916 aged 26 (Sherwood Foresters) Notts & Derby Regiment

Capt Orrie Briggs died 1918 aged 30 Somerset Light Infantry

Cpl Robert Briggs died 1916 aged 23 London Regt (London Scottish)

Pte Claude Brook died 1918 aged 31 London Regt (Royal Fusiliers)

Pte Arthur   Flesher died 1918 aged 20  Royal Army Medical Corps

Pte Tom Hurtley  died 1918 aged 24 Royal Army Medical Corps

Capt Frank Lillie died 1916 aged 26 King Own Yorkshire Light Infantry

Pte Eric McMullen died 1915 aged 28 Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)

Capt George Nevitt died 1917 aged 28 West Yorkshire Regt (Prince of Wales Own)

2nd Lt Harold Rayner died 1918 aged 25 East Yorkshire Regt

2nd Lt Harold Wilcher died 1916 aged 23 King’s Own Yorkshire Light Infantry

A Mellor

 Leeds Yarnbury Members Who Joined Forces 1914-1918

Cpl L A, RFA Allen Lt J, West Riding

Armitage Sgt H, West Yorks

Barker L Cpl G, MGC

Barrand Lt S, King’s Royal Rifle Corps

Barker Lt E, RFA

Bellis Lt R, West Yorks

Benton Gnr GC, RFA

Benton 2nd Lt JW, Notts & Derby

Booth Capt AE, Indian Army MC

Booth Capt GL, 7 West Yorks

Boston 2nd Lt WR, RHA

Boston Lt EL, RGA

Bottomley Capt D, ASC

Bottomley Sgt N, RFA

Briggs Pte C, London Scottish

Briggs Cpl J, RFA

Briggs Capt O, Somerset Light Infantry

Briggs Cpl RC, London (London Scottish)

Brook C, London (Royal Fusiliers)

Chadwick 2nd Lt JC, West Yorks POWO

Cobb Lt MD, AIF

Cobb Sgt G, RAMC

Cordingley RSM A, RAMC

Flesher Pte AT, RAMC

Flesher Capt H, RE, MC

Fletcher Dvr F, RFA

Fletcher Pte J, RAMC

Frape Staff Sgt H, Gym Staff

Garnett AM1 P, RAF

Gledhill Lt M, RAF

Green Sgt R, West Yorks

Hellewell Pte J, RAMC

Hellewell Cpl G, RAF

Hurtley Pte TT, RAMC

Jilbert Bmd J, RGA

Lawton Capt HF, West Yorks MC

Legg Major H, ASC

Lillie Capt FW, KOYLI

Lillie Pte RV, West Yorks

Lindley CQMS F, ASC

Lindley Lt B, London

McMullen Pte EN, Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)

Mellor A

Miller Lt J, Yorks & Lancs

Mills Shoeingsmith W, Yorks Horse

Motley Lt P,  7 West Yorks

Mould Bmd J, RFA

Nevitt Capt GR, West Yorks POWO

Rayner 2nd Lt H, East Yorks

Rawlins Capt CB, RFA, MC

Richardson 2nd Lt AV, West Riding

Robinson Lt M, West Yorks

Shaw Lt E, Argyle & Sutherland Highlanders

Sheard Lt WH, Welsh

Simpson Capt J, ASC

Spink AM1 WH, RAF

Thompson Lt G, RE

Westmoreland Sap G, RE

Whitworth Sgt C, MGC

Wilcher Capt BL, 17 West Yorks

Wilcher 2nd Lt H, KOYLI

Wilson Sgt J, Canadians

Wood Cpl LA, RFA


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