Ilkley Grammar School RUFC

(Taken from the Yorkshire Rugby Football Union “In Memoriam 1914-1919”)

Members who joined the Forces

Akkroyd wire-oper G.M. Mercantile Marine

Atkinson Lt J.C. R.E.

Bartle Pte J.A.L. North Lanc

Box Lt C.A.  R.A.F.

Box Cdt A.D.  R.A.F.

Breffit Pte S.S. Canadians

Brownlow Capt G.F.S. Manch

Burns Sec Lt J.F. M.M.G.C.

Campbell seaman W. R.N.

Cawdry Sub Lt C.J. R.N.

Corby Staff Capt W.M. R.G.A.

Cornwell Pte E.H. North Staffs

Dove Gnr F.R.  R.F.A.

Evans Lt W.A.  R.A.F.

Geenty Pte J.  R.A.F.

Gledhill Lt A.D. R.A.F.

Graham Lt H.  R.A.F.

Hardaker C.

Hewitt Pte R. Leicester Regt

Hope Cdt E.C. Canadian R.A.F.

Houseman Pte H. K.O.Y.L.I.

Hughes Lt J.  R.A.F.

Johnson Cpl J.A. West Riding

Labatt Sec Lt W.H.E. R.A.F.

Lickfold Lt E.R. R.A.F.

Lupton Lt G.V.  A.S.C.

Major midshipman S.E. R.N.

Moisley Pte H. Devon Regt

Moxon Pte A. Royal Marines

Moxon seaman T.  R.N.

Moxon Lt P.  R.F.A.

Musgrave K.W. Leeds O.T.C.

Parratt Cpl H.S. Leicester Regt

Russell Pte C.L. A.S.C.

Sellers Gnr G.  H.A.C.

Smith Pte H.  D.L.I.

Sykes Lt E.  R.A.F.

Todd Sec Lt N.S.  R.A.F.

Tunnicliffe Lt W.A.M. R.G.A.

Tweed Cdt A.R.M. Camb Uni O.T.C.

Wilkinson Pte B.I. A.S.C.

White Lt J.W.  R.A.F.


Atkinson Lt J.C.  M.C.

Burns Sec Lt J.F. M.C.

Corby Staff Capt W.M. M.C.

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