AWFHS – An Introduction to Irish Family History – Link to Recording and Handout

An introduction to Irish Family History

The meeting was held at 7:30PM on Thursday September 21 2023

Speaker: Natalie Bodle

Irish ancestry research can be tricky, but this talk will cover how you can get started, which records are available and best of all which are free. This will give you a good grounding to making a start on finding your Irish ancestors. Natalie delivered a very enjoyable talk, packed with useful links for those people interested in researching their Irish Roots.

Natalie kindly allowed us to record the meeting, for all our members to view. The recording and content is subject to copyright and must not be shared with anyone outside the AWFHS, and should not be retained or copied after 28 days.

To Access the video click the following link: An Introduction to Irish Genealogy

Passcode: tS$1.fpM

The associated handout can be accessed here: Intro to Irish Family History Research-Sources list-v4.pdf


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