Keighley Oakworth Village Roll of Honour

Housed in the Village Hall

Provided by MenofWorth

88 people from Oakworth Who Died in World War One

Harry Higgins Adams
John Thomas Alderson
Edwin Andrews
Richard Baker
Arthur Bamforth
Joseph Bancroft DCM MM
Samuel Bancroft
Clifford Baxandall
George William Bellwood
Fred Binns
James Binns
Arthur Brown
Louis [Lewis] Brown
Milford Brown
Ellis Taylor Butterfield
Ernest Byram
Smith Clayton
Fred Coates
John Arthur Cole
William Henry Coles
James Bertram Creek
Alfred Denison
Arthur Dinsdale
George Henry (John) Docksey
John Dunnett
John Earnshaw
Laban Feather
William Robinson Fletcher
Allan Green
Joseph Hale
Craven Harling
Herbert Heaton
Norman Hewitt
George Hodgetts
Robert Hodgson
William Hollindrake
Percy Hollings
William Norman Holt
Charles Edward Hymas
Isaac Chester Jackson
Oswald Holt Johnson
Arthur Julian
Michael Ambrose Kelleher
Richard Metcalfe Lindsay
Frederick Lock
Arthur Lund
Samuel Lund
James McParland
Frank Midgley
Joseph Thomas Robinson Midgley
Fred Moore
Herbert Moore
John Clifford Dawson Moore
Fred Nixon
Oscar Nixon
Tom Nixon
Charles Page
George Page MM
Fred Peverley
Joseph Henry Philburn
Michael Philburn
Allan Pickles
Harry Pickles
Norman Powell
William Herbert Priestley
Sam Rainford
Albert Reddihough
Moses Rayner Robinson
Thomas Robinson
William Roe
Arthur Ryder
Thomas Smith Shackleton
Arthur Smith
Cecil Wallace Smith
Oswald Seymour Smith
Walter Smith
Thomas Stone
Arthur Sugden
John Paget Sugden
Luther Sunderland
Wallace Roland Taylor
Arthur Percy Wakefield
Norman Walbank
Harry Wellman
James Whitaker
Binns Wilkinson
Luther Wilkinson
Lawrence Wood

388 people from Oakworth who served and returned from the Great War:

James Edward Adams
Arthur Akeroyd
Harry Akeroyd
Edwin Andrews (Colonel)
Isabella Andrews
Frank Atack
Sylvester Atack
Walter Atack
Alfred Aucante CdeG
Smith Aykroyd
Ernest Barker
Alfred Cecil Barrett
Foster Baxandall
Frank Baxandall
Edwin Bell, Reverend
Ernest Bell
Frank Bell
Gilbert Bell
Harper Benson
Arthur Binns MM
John Catlow Binns
Joseph Binns
Rennie Binns
Thomas Wilkinson Binns
Allan Bland
John Blenkiron
Harry Blenkiron
George Booth
Sam Booth
Thomas Bowker
George Bowles
Thomas Bowles
Joseph Brigg
Harry Briggs
Alfred Broadbent
Colin Broadfoot
Walter Broadfoot
Ernest Brook
Arthur Brooksbank
Francis (Frank) Brown
Joseph Harold Brown
Lister Brown
Albert Henry Bryan
Charles William Bryan
William Bullock
James Burnett
Margaret Ann Burwin
Fred Butterfield
James William Butterfield
John Butterfield
Francis George Calvert
James Calvert DCM
Matthew Kendall Calvert
John Carass
Lister Carter
John Charles Chapman
William Edward Chapman
William James Chester
Joseph Chilton
Albert Clayton
Joseph Clayton
Robert Ellis Clayton
John Robert Coates
Thomas Coates
William Norman Coates
Frank Bamford Cobbin
Robert Henry Cobbin
Percy Cocks
Sampson Cocks
William Cocks
John Craven Cockshott
Robert Arthur Cockshott
Thomas Cottier
Arthur Norman Cousin
Dan Craven
Thomas Ernest Craven
William Craven
John Albert Taylor Creek
Susan Creek
Arthur Daley
John Wright Dawson
Edmund Charles Day
Edwin Watson Dickenson
Fred Docksey
Thomas Docksey
Thomas Driver
William Farquhar Dunnett
James Earnshaw
John William Earnshaw
Martha Earnshaw
Harry Ellis
John Ellis
Charles Elvin
George Elvin
Albert Emmott
Peel Emmott
Fred Fawcett
Arthur Feather
Arthur Feather
Ellis Feather
Frank Feather
Harry Feather
Lewis Benson Feather
Norman Feather
James Feeley
John William Feeley
Herbert Charles Ferris
Amyl Jennie Field
James Firth
Fred Foster
Norman Fryer
Tom Fryer
Thomas Gill
Harry Gillan
W. Gledhill
William Goodier
Graham Gladstone
Ernest Green
Thomas Green
Fred Greenwood
William Rockley Haggas
Arthur Hampshire
Thomas Walter Hardyman
J. T. Harris
Thomas William Harris
Roy William Thomas Harrow
Frederick Arthur Hartley
Campbell Stuart Hay
John Hay
Arthur Heath
Arthur Heaton
Fred Heaton
Harry Heaton
Ina Smith Heaton
Joseph Heaton
Joseph Heaton
George Helliwell
Henry Neville Herd
William Heseltine
Richard George Hewitt
Thomas Edward Hewitt
Frank Hey
Harold Edwin Hey
Herbert Hey
James Clarence Hey
John Hillary
Joseph Hinchcliffe
Frederick William Hindes
Allan Hodgson
H. Hodgson
John Hodgson
John Smith Hodgson MM and Bar
John Wallace Hodgson
William Hodgson
James Holden
Percy Holden
Albert Hollindrake
Harold Thompson Holmes
Herbert Holmes
Horace Holmes
William John Holmes
Albert Houldsworth
Edwin Houldsworth
Fred Houldsworth
Greenwood Houldsworth
Harry Houldsworth
John Houldsworth
Percy Houldsworth
Stephen Houldsworth
John Housley
Robert Howard
Thomas Hull
George Henry Humphreys
Edward Hunter
Frank Hutchinson
Harry Hutchinson
John Edward Hutchinson
Willie Hutchinson
Frederick Hymas
Dixon Hymas
John Henry Iles
William Clifford Iles
Arthur Inman
Herbert Johnson
Ernest Jones
Hugh Kelleher
Thaddeus Kelleher
William Kelleher
Clifford Lake
Lewis Laycock
Ernest Leach
John Davidson Leach
Albert Richard Henry Leeson
John Thomas Alexander Letheren
William John Cobbledick Letheren
George Liddimore
Jack Liddimore
Walter Lindley
John Linstead
Alice Lock
Ralph Lowis
Cecil Lund
James Lund
Allan Marcham
Ellis Marcham
Joseph Masters
Daniel McParland
James McParland
John McParland
George William Mechen
Walter Melrose
Thomas Melvin
Fred Metcalfe
Fred Midgley
Henry Midgley
William James Milnes
George Herbert Mitchell
William Mitchell
Arthur Moore
Benjamin Moore
Edgar Moore
Edwin Moore
Frank Moore
Horace Moore
Harry Moore
Percy Moore
Robert Moorhouse
Rowland Harry Mosson
William Mudd
Percy Murgatroyd
Walter Murgatroyd
David Murray
George Nixon MM
John Oddy
Thomas Ogden
Albert O’Malley
Percy Overend
Fred Page
Allan Heaton Parker
Joseph Parker
Rendall Foxcroft Parker
Ernest Peacock MM
George William Peacock
John Thomas Peacock
Mark Ralph Peacock
Spenseley Peacock
Richard Peacock
George William Peel
James Arthur Pennington
John Smith Pettit
Richard Thomas Pettit
Bancroft Pickles
Foster Pickles
Fred Pickles
Herbert Pickles
Jim Pickles #
John Robert Pickles
Milton Pickles
Willie Pickles
Leonard Potter
Annie Powell
Willie Powell
Benson Preston
Jack Preston
Joseph Preston
R. Price
P. H. Price
Fred Proctor
John William Proctor
Robert Procter
William Reardon
Walter Redman
Donald Brunyate Renton
E. Richards
F. Richards
George Harold Riley
Walter Henry Riley
Alfred Harold Roberts
Charles Percival Roberts
Walter Clement Roberts
William Rodgers
Jack Rowe
Bertrand Frederick Rudduck
Ernest Rushworth
Frank Rushworth
Harry Rushworth
John Henry Salt
William Sargent
Michael Satterthwaite
Emily Jane Scarborough
Hardy Scarborough
James Scarborough
Frank Barlow Scargill
Laurence Scargill
Alfred Scatchard
Herbert Scatchard
George Schofield

Albert Edward Scull

Arthur Scull
Willie Shackleton
Arthur Shaw
Bertie Shipley
William Shires
Christopher Silverwood
George Hubert Simpson
Horace Reginald Simpson
John Simpson
Percy Simpson
Joseph Simpson
Charles Edward Slater
Ben Smith
Clifford Smith
Frank Smith
Handel Smith
Harold Smith
Robert Smith
Harold Spencer
Joseph Henry Spencer
William Spencer
John Arthur Speight
Fred Stead
Julius Stead
Arthur Cowgill Stevenson
Charles William Stobbs
Henry Stobbs
Joseph Stobbs
Prince Edward Stobbs
Robert Ackroyd Stoney
Raymond Stringer
Charles Edward Stubbs
Fred Styan
John Robert Swaine
Fred Sugden
Herbert Sugden
John Edwin Sunderland
Leonard Sunderland
Arthur Allen Taylor
Robert Thomas
Abram Thompson
Orris Thompson
Harry Tillotson
William Henry Tunnicliffe
Harold Walbank
Thomas Wall
Willie Wallbank
W. Ward
Arthur Waterhouse
John Clifford Waterhouse
Charles Francis Knox Watson
David Watson
John William Watson
Ellis Weatherall
Richard Weatherall
John Webb
John William Webb
Bertie William Welham
Edward Frederick Welham
Reginald Frederick Jack Welham
Holmes Wharfe
Albert Whitaker
Benjamin Burwin Whitaker
John Joel Whitaker
Raymond Whitaker
Renton Whitaker
Arthur White
Harry Naylor Whitehead
Obadiah Whitehead
William Whitfield
George Whitton
Allan Wigglesworth
Herbert Wigglesworth
Walter Wildman
Arthur Wilkinson
Ellis Wilkinson
Walter Wilkinson
Gilbert Willoughby
Edgar Wilson
Richard Wilson
David Arthur Wood
John Ernest Wood
Matthew Woodward
Ellis Wright
Irwin Clayton Wright
Joseph Wright
Seth Wright
Tillotson Wright

# Jim Pickles does not appear on Oakworth’s printed Roll of Honour as his name was found after it was created.


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