Burnsall & Thorpe Overseers Records

Held at Northallerton Record Office

Rate books, sometimes referred to as Poor Rate books, detailing those who were paying the rate which was used at least in part to support the poor of the parish.  Here is an example:

Thorpe Rate Book 1869

Occupier Owner Description Situation
Rev Wm Bury himself tithe rent charge Thorpe
John Constantine Robt Proctor esq land & buildings Thorpe
Richd Constantine Robt Proctor esq House and garden Thorpe
Christopher Dean himself land  Colllin
Edward Green K Kitching esq land & buildings Thorpe
Stephen Herd himself land & buildings Thorpe
Stephen Herd Mr Horton land & buildings Cookram
Stephen Herd Mr Dawson land Pasture
Stephen Herd Mr Richd Hebden land Mickleflats
Anthony Hodgson Mr Hebden Hall House and garden Thorpe
Anthony Hodgson late Henry Featherstone Folly garden Thorpe
William Hodgson Rev J W Nowell land & buildings Essoe
W A Nowell Rev J W Nowell land & buildings Waddy
William Paley R Proctor esq land & buildings Langorton
Anthony Pinder late Sir E Tempest land Squire share
John Pinder R Proctor esq land & buildings Thorpe
Joseph Robinson Mr Thomas Lupton land & buildings Ings House
Joseph Robinson Linton poor land Poor grass
William Stockdale R Proctor esq land & buildings Thorpe
Bradley Simpson Mr Thomas Plets land Kay Cross
John Waite Mr Josias Atkinson land & buildings Thorpe

Signed by John Constantine & Stephen Herd, overseers and churchwardens.

The payments to individuals exempt from paying the rates are normally shown in the Overseers Accounts as it was the duty of the Overseers to collect the rate and distribute to the poor.  For example

Burnsall Overseers Accounts 1818/1819

Joseph Hudson house rent & turves £9-2-6
Ellen Knowles house rent & turves £9-17-4
Ann Hebdin house rent & turves £6-12-4
Hannah Kay house rent & coals £7-6-6
Margaret Knowles house rent £6-19-0
Henry Green Rent & trousers & clogs 18/4 £4-18-4
Dinah Verity house rent & coals £7-16
Nancy Pickover rent £4-17-6
Mary Nailor house rent & coals £7-16-0
Eliz Bumby house rent & coals £7-16-0

These records run from 1724 to 1869