Methodists & Methodism Washburn Valley – Norwood/Havarrah Park to West End

By: Stanley Merridew

North Yorkshire Record Office holds Pateley Bridge Circuit records which cover the chapels from Brown Bank to West End. These include baptism records from 1825 to 1961.  All the chapels are together in each volume but the place of residence is shown.

Norwood/Havarrah Park

Known as Brown Bank, this chapel was situated off Watson’s Lane, now a private house.  Northallerton record office have a copy of the Sunday School register 1941-1979. Several names are shown on the Wesleyan Roll:  Darnbrook,  Grange, McKenzie, Gill, Hobson, Hutton


The chapel opened as early as 1763 and was enlarged in 1894 when there were 26 members.  It closed in 1959, also now a private house.  Marriage records 1908-1943 at are held at Northallerton.  At NYRO I came across a list of seat rents for 1910 which mentions the following names:

Mr H Beecroft, John Beecroft, James Hart, Mrs Luty, Mr T Newall, Mrs Patten, Miss J Pennington, Mr F Pennington, R Pennington, Mrs Umpleby, T Varley, Mr W Yeadon.   The only names shown for Fewston on the Wesleyan Roll are John Myers & J Bramley.

Hardisty Hill

The chapel, situated on a lane just to the east of Hardisty Hill opened in 1838 and closed in 1994. 

Hardisty Hill Chapel

There was also a Reading Room until relatively recently at the foot of Hardisty Hill.  The record office holds a copy of the Sunday School register, attendances shown below:

John W Andrew 1896 to 1898                   Dewhirst Beecroft 1909 to 1911

William Beecroft 1895 to 1897         & 1909 to 1911    James E Gill 1892

George Hardcastle 1892 to 1895      Charles Harrison 1897 to 1898

Richard Knowles 1910 to 1911                  Andrew Maud 1893

Bradley Maud 1895 to 1898             Titus Maud 1894 to 1895

Ethel Maud 1897 to 1898                           Lucy Maud 1895 to 1898

Emily Neal 1896 to 1898                           Annie L Newall 1909

Annie M Watkinson 1894 to 1896   Richard Watkinson 1895 to 1896

Charles Watkinson 1895 to 1897                       

Five members of the Gill family contributed to the Wesleyan Roll ( 20th Century Fund), Michael, John , Wilks, Sarah & Esther.

West End

West End Chapel

Taken at the centenary celebration in 1936

An article in the Wharfedale & Airedale Observer 12th May 1962 regarding the above chapel,  just before closure, states it opened in 1836 and was built on land previously owned by John Hall of Thruscross.  The chapel was located at the top of Clogger Lane.   Some of the families involved in the past are mentioned: Newbould, Wigglesworth, Gill, Bulmer, Metcalf & Verity.  It also states that the tea at the Centenary was served by Mrs F Nelson, Mrs Wood, Mrs Newbould, Mrs J Verity, Mrs V Verity, Mrs Smith, Mrs G Marshall, Miss S Peel, Miss S Walker.

There was also a Primitive Methodist chapel.  From documents of a land sale held by Mikki French, one of her ancestors, Godfrey Horsman  of West End, sold to Joshua Hardisty (cordwainer), Joseph Dinsdale (linen weaver), James Fryer (flaxdresser), Thomas Shepherd (weaver) all of Thruscross, Joseph Stott (farmer), Francis Sutcliffe (miller), both of Stonebeckdown & John Watson (wheelwright) of Stonebeckup in 1929  a plot of land for the purpose of building a Primitive Methodist Chapel.  The document states the plot of land was close to Holmefield and Brecks Lane.  This site was, I believe just north of the present Reservoir Road.  The building was sold in 1902, so I assume the two congregations came together.  See the first paragraph regarding baptism records.

Just two names appear on the Wesleyan Roll: Enoch Garth & John Verity.

In an account book dated 1811 there is a list of where collections were received.  At this early date many of the chapels were not in existence and these may have been house meetings.  Amongst the places mentioned, Bramley Head and Bramelane are shown.  The Wesleyan Chapel at West End (opened 1836) was close to Bramley Head and Bramelane is near to Brown Bank.   .       

A list of Circuit members dated 1838 for each chapel within the Pateley Bridge Circuit: 

Blubberhouses Isabella Cadman Brown Bank John Renton
Blubberhouses James Child Brown Bank Dinah Renton
Blubberhouses Margaret Child Brown Bank Thomas Robinson
Blubberhouses Thomas Elliot Brown Bank Thomas Simpson
Blubberhouses Ann Elliot Brown Bank Mary Stockdale
Blubberhouses Matilda Elliot Brown Bank Grace Stubbs
Blubberhouses Hannah Keswick Brown Bank Sarah Thackrey
Blubberhouses Ellen Lawyer Brown Bank Joseph Todd
Blubberhouses Robert Metcalfe Brown Bank Eliza Todd
Blubberhouses John Newell Brown Bank Hannah Turner
Blubberhouses Susannah Newell Brown Bank William Turner
Blubberhouses Margaret Sunter Brown Bank Elizabeth Whitaker (child)
Blubberhouses Ellen Terry Brown Bank Jonathan Whitaker |(child)
Blubberhouses John Thackray Brown Bank Hannah Wilson
Blubberhouses Mary Thackray Brown Bank Robert Wilson
Blubberhouses Mary Webb Brown Bank Benjamin Wilson
Blubberhouses Hannah Whitehead Fewston Henry Bramley
Blubberhouses Emma Yates Fewston Mary Bramley
Brown Bank Joseph Ainsworth Fewston Ann Bramley
Brown Bank Jonathan Andrews (child) Fewston Mary Bramley
Brown Bank Hannah Bolton Fewston Mary Buck
Brown Bank Hannah Bolton Fewston Elizabeth Buck
Brown Bank Robert Bramley Fewston Sarah Buck
Brown Bank Hannah Bramley Fewston Susannah Buck
Brown Bank John Bramley Fewston Hannah Demaine
Brown Bank William Broadbelt Fewston Mark Demaine
Brown Bank Sarah Broadbelt Fewston Matthew Demaine
Brown Bank Mary Darnbrook Fewston Jane Dickinson
Brown Bank Ann Darnbrook Fewston Elizabeth Dunwell
Brown Bank Mary Dibb Fewston Thomas Elison
Brown Bank Thomas Driver Fewston Mary Elison
Brown Bank Mary Driver Fewston George Hardy
Brown Bank Ann Emsley Fewston Henry Jackson
Brown Bank Charles Emsley Fewston Hannah Morris
Brown Bank Mary Ann Emsley Fewston Thomas Peel
Brown Bank Hannah Ferndale Fewston Susannah Peel
Brown Bank Joseph Grange Fewston Samuel  
Brown Bank William Green Fewston Elizabeth Reed
Brown Bank Daniel Green Fewston Joseph Settle
Brown Bank Samuel Hudson West End Elizabeth Abbot
Brown Bank Mary Hudson West End Walter Buckle
Brown Bank Joseph Irish West End Sarah Buckle
Brown Bank Benjamin Jackson West End Ellen Garrs
Brown Bank Joseph Jackson West End Anthony Garth
Brown Bank Elizabeth Jackson West End Stephen Hardisty
Brown Bank Henry Jackson West End Sarah Holmes
Brown Bank Mary Jackson West End Ellen Holmes
Brown Bank William Margerison West End Elizabeth Imeson
Brown Bank Thomas Moon West End Betty Imeson
Brown Bank William Moon West End Ann Myers
Brown Bank Jane Peel West End Martha Newbould
Brown Bank Robert Peel West End Emmanuel Shepherd
Brown Bank Joseph Rawson West End Elizabeth Waite
Brown Bank Susannah Rawson West End Amelia Wilkinson
Brown Bank Susannah Rawson      

I assume those headed under “Blubberhouses” refers to Hardisty Hill Chapel.

At the archives there is also a Society Roll Book dated 1931.  The circuit members list, plus the roll book and the baptisms would make a useful publication – a willing transcriber needed!