Guiseley Silver Cross Works War Memorial

Who Served in His Majesty’s Forces 1939-1945
Atkinson C F
Atkinson F
Armitage F
Alcock A
Ainley K
Broadhead J W
Barlow A
Birdsall L
Brewer J
Barker J D
Barker G
Birbeck W
Bell G
Bell T
Beardsom A
Baxter J
Copley A
Carter H
Coultas R
Clapham R
Casson M
Darke C
Dean C (Miss)
Ealham RExley B C
Emerson E
Frost C M
Foley H
Flint C
Gomersall H
Gibbons J
Gamble K
Horsman W
Holmes L
Hughes B
Howarth J
Howarth A
Harrison F
Hattersley M
Ingham J
Jackson K
Lawrence T
Lawrence Tony
Littlewood R
Lockwood J
Limmer K
Lewis R
Lee K
Lye J
Manning H
Murrie J
Mallinson A
Mallinson T
Mulligan N
Mangham J
Martin J
Mitchel V (Miss)
Merrington S
Nelson G
Naylor G
Proctor V (Miss)
Parker L
Parks J
Poole H
Parker E
Prest W
Penny D
Rodgers J
Robinson R
Rigg K
Romford E
Roth B
Scott H
Steel H
Steel A
Simon J
Shaw L
Stephenson P
Stephenson E
Shillito R
Stinson S
Smithson T
Smith F
Townend F
Thompson P
Tessyman P
Vickers M (Miss)
Wilson L
Ward R
Whetzel L
Wardle J
Wilson P
Whitaker G
Whitaker F
Young N
Killed in Action:
Rodgers T
Denison H D
P Collins

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