Oxenhope Horkinstone School Logbook Extracts 1879 to 1881

Held at Keighley Local Studies Library


4th August Horkinstone School was opened this morning for infants and children of the first standard.  The following gentlemen of the Haworth School Board were present, Messrs Redman, Kershaw, Bland and Greenwood.  There were 46 attendances.

8th August Admitted no more children during the week: find them punctual and obedient but some of them are very backward.

12th August Admitted Maranda Stansfield and Herbert Feather.

18th August Admitted John Greenwood, Matilda Rushworth and arah Ann Sunderland.

20th August Admitted Mary Ellen U Holmes.

25th August Admitted Anne Pickles, Jane Hey, Emma Hardacre and Nancy Rawson.

26th August Admitted Mariane Whitaker and Susey Hannah Booth.

1st September Admitted Ada Sunderland.

8th September Admitted Richard B Sunderland.25th

10th October John Sutcliffe and John Greenwood only attend school in the afternoon, generally make 4 attendances in the week.

20th October Miss Sarah Jane Adcock commenced duties this morning.

31st October Albert Whitaker left school yesterday afternoon to be passed as half-timer.

21st November Admitted William Cooke.

28th November Removed George Feather from infant class today, having found out he was over seven years of age.

8th December Admitted Elizabeth Standish and William Stephenson.


23rd January Admitted Mary Wharfe.   Sent John Uttley and Mary Ellen Holmes home to bring their school pence on Wednesday morning, did not return until the following day.

30th January Admitted Arthur Steed.

6th February Admitted Lily Cairns.

25th March Elizabeth Standish left, gone full-time.

13th April Admitted Mary Rebecca Bolton.

20th April Admitted Etna and Julia Hey.

26th April Admitted Robert Reeve.

2nd May Admitted Samuel Drake.

7th May Having had charge of this school since 4th August, this day close my connection with it.  Susan Walker Dallas.

10th May I, Wm Raper, commenced duty in this school.  Admitted 19 in the morning and 16 in the afternoon.

29th June Frank Storey Pighills came as a monitor this morning.

9th August Admitted Robina Wright.

28th September Admitted Asa Proctor.


11th March Examined the infants they read and write pretty well but some are poor at arithmetic.  Three of them, Emma Hardaker, Sarah Normington and Joseph Sunderland are equal to any in Standard 1.

21st March Admitted Mary Anne Normington.

18th April Admitted Harry Bancroft.

26th April Admitted Samuel Rushton.

13th May Richard and Joseph Sunderland having the measles, I ordered their two sisters and brother not to come to school until they were better.

16th May Admitted three children today, Asa Normington, Pharoah Dawson and Alice Normington.

23rd May Admitted Alice Naylor.

20th June Admitted Millie Booth and George Smith.

27th June Admitted Mary Ellen Crabtree and Mary Hannah Uttley.

5th July Frank Pighills has a habit of coming to school late every morning.  I have spoken to him about it several times but he appears to take no notice whatever.

12th July William, Fanny and Joseph Henry Uttley away from school this week as their mother has no money with which to pay their school pence.

14th December Emma Proctor has left to go to Denholme mill and school.

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