Stainburn School Logbook 1926-1962

By Stanley Merridew

School records are an excellent and often overlooked resource for family and local history, giving much information, not just about the child but also the local community.  They are well worth pursuing for additional family history material.

This logbook was handed into Horsforth Museum recently along with a logbook for Horsforth St Margaret’s School.  Knowing my prediliction for school records it was passed to me.  It has now been deposited at North Yorkshire Record Office but I took the opportunity to have a good look through it.   

Due to privacy rules we have to be thoughtful of any detrimental comments regarding living persons so I have been selective although I have seen nothing to upset anyone, so far.

Loose sheet inside cover:      Useful Facts           (undated)

Population of Stainburn 137 Population of Leathley      170

Size of this room 282sq ft Height of this room 11ft 9ins

Size of Infant room 152sq ft

Size of Playground 329sq yds Size of Field 1374sq yds

Height of School above sea level 350ft

Height of church above sea level 470ft

Height of Almscliff Crag above sea level 700ft

Highest point in Stainburn – Little Almscliff 840ft

Lowest point in Stainburn – Riffa Wood 250ft

On an index page

School number 753


Infants 14      Junior Mixed 14

Length 20¾ft  Breadth 15ft   Height 22½ft (12ft to eaves)

Infant Room 13ft x 13ft

Population of Stainburn May 1929 128

The starting date is January 1926

The logbook commences on 4th January 1926.  Here are some of the entries for the early years:-

4th Jan 1926 School reopens after Christmas holiday – 21 children present 2 absent.  Miss Hilda Harrison supplementary teacher of Pool has been appointed temporarily to take the place of Miss Myers.

15th Jan 1926 A medical certificate for Rowland Newbould received, recommending exclusion for four months (illness).

16th March 1926 Dora Smith’s name has been removed from the register as she has returned to Skirpenbeck.

10th May 1926 Jessie Darnbrook has left the village so her name has been removed from the register.

8th Jun 1926 Excluded 9 children who are suffering from whooping cough.

10th Jun Sent William Wood and Maurice Newby home as they are coughing badly.

22nd Jun Received notice to close the school for 3 weeks for whooping cough.

13th Jul 1926 Re-opened today 11 children present. Have removed Annie Barker from the register as they have left Leathley.

14th Jul 1926 Miss Harrison will be from now until the summer holiday as she is sitting for an examination.

19th Nov 1926 Percentage for the week 100%.  The children are having an extra half hour play as a reward for the perfect attendance. – Didn’t happen at my school!

10th Dec 1926 Wilfred Chapman, a visitor in Leathley has been admitted this week.

10th Jan 1927 Mary Thorpe is now 14 years old & has left.  Wilfred Chapman has returned home.

3rd Mar 1927 William Wood’s mark had to be cancelled this afternoon.  He had to go to Farnley owing to the death of his


1st Apr 1927 The new school year has begun.  Florence Smith has left. The children have been promoted.  I believe the school year did not change until post WW2.

23rd April 1927 The Smith family have left village this Easter.  Therefore Mrs Smith has resigned her position as cleaner of the school.  The three children have had their names removed from the register.  A pity the forenames were not given. David and Arthur Robinson have been admitted.

3rd May 1927 Mrs Clarke has undertaken the cleaning of the school.

29th Jul 1927 Molly MacKenzie, Mona Whiteley & Maurice Newby lave school today as they are all 14.  Ivy Thompson developed eye trouble this been and has been excluded.

29th Aug 1927 School reopens today, 5 children have left and 1 admittedNo names unfortunately!

7th Oct 1927 Percentage for the week 100%.  A long play has been awarded in consequence.

FindMyPast have some school logbooks and admission registers on their site.  I would recommend checking this out on a regular basis as they appear to still be adding material from when it was first launched several years ago.

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