Horsforth National School Logbook Extracts 1916

3rd April 1916 These children have been examined by me and I find the following much behind the rest of the class in attainments;  they have come directly from the 2nd class in the Infants School but owing to their age it has been thought advisable to promote them now:

Harry Hawkshaw, Hugh Roddam, Sam Stones, Chas. Houlden, Wm Conn, Jesse Gaunt, Marg. Croft, Phyllis Britton

Hannah Holmes has not been to school since before Christmas.  Florence Lawson has been absent from the Infants School for eight weeks.


Standard 1       Mrs M Grimshaw CA  52

Standard 2       Miss M Waller CA       44

Standard 3       Mrs AB Horner CA      43

Standard 4       Mrs HA Hancock UA   46

Standard 5       Mrs N Murgatroyd CA            47

Standard 6       Mrs Bertha Jordan CA 45

Standard 7       WN Smith H7              39                   

4th July Winifred Young away from school suffering with diphtheria.  Attendance has fallen considerably.  Twelve children are absent from StV.

Mavis Fowler away ā€“ diphtheria.  George, Annie, Margaret Naylor have left the school.  Harry Green away for school suffering with German measles.

14th July During the week attendance has fallen considerably.  Two children Clarence Longfellow and Irene Levitt, Dickinson Street have been excluded from school since Tuesday because there has been a case of diphtheria in the street.  The following children are away from school for the reason stated:

Emily Winterburn       diphtheria       St4     

Harry Green    German measles         St4

Bertie Holland             chicken pox     St4      

Clifford Vicars diphtheria                   St5

Kathleen Hixon            diphtheria       St5      

Mabel Ashby diphtheria                     St5

Mavis Fowler              diphtheria       St5      

Winifred Young diphtheria                 St5

Edgar Wade                doubtful           St1

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