Horsforth National School Logbook Extracts 1914-1915

21 May 1914 Received notification from the Education Dept. County Hall Wakefield that the following children have passed the written examination for County Minor Scholarships:

Gordon Hutchinson, Albert Johnson, Joseph Leeming, Mary Binias, Elsie Hickinson, Nellie Henson.

23 May 1914 The above children attended the Secondary School, Guiseley to undergo an examination in practical work in connection with the County Minor Scholarships.  The date for the Oral examination is not yet fixed.

16th October 1914 The following children are absent from school suffering from the diseases named:

Std V11 Marjorie Hixon measles from 24th September

Std V1 Dorothy Reeve heart tremor 1st October

Std V John Thornton scarlet fever 16th October

Std V Lucy Holdsworth scarlet fever 25th September

Std 111 Kath. Hixon measles 24th September

Std 11 Howard Naylor scarlet fever 5th October

Std 11 Flor. Rhodes scarlet fever 16th October

Std 1 Hy Marsden whooping cough 9th September

Std 1 Mary Kitching whooping cough 9th October

Std 1 Hilda Hick whooping cough 26th June

Std 1 Annie Tweedale whooping cough 13th October

1st June 1915 On 13th February eleven children from this school sat for the written part of the examination for the West Riding County Minor Scholarships.  Notice has been received today that nine have passed the written examination and have been instructed to attend during the week at Guiseley Secondary School to undergo an Oral Examination.  The names are:, Irvin Clark ,Joseph Leeming, Telford Horner, Ernest Wilson, Mary Binias, Elsie Hickinson, Marjorie Hixon, Alice Armitage, Audrey Fieldhouse.

Sam Newton and Eva Herbert failed to satisfy the examiners in the written examination.  Eva Herbert injured her right hand very seriously.

22nd July 1915 Three girls, Mary Binias, Elsie Hickinson and Marjorie Hixon have been awarded County Minor Scholarships tenable for three years at Guiseley Secondary School.

30th August 1915 Three children have been transferred for the Infant Dept.: Wm J Hixon, Herbert Busfield, Kenneth Willoughby.  They appear to be three bright boys and are now quite fit for promotion.  Henry Soden has been transferred from Std 1 to Std 2.  Fred Grimshaw, Kathleen Hickinson and Hazel Hartley have been transferred from Std 1 to Std 2.  The above four are the best children in their respective classes and will I believe in a short tome justify the action taken.  Also admitted:

Thos Bolton Std V, Jim Bell Std 1, Jos. Peat Std 1, Eric Rhodes Std 1, Margt Rhodes Std 3, Amy davies Std 4

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